Secksie Downloads

For your Secksie downloading needs, if I’m missing anything, or you want me to upload a sim, just yell at me in the comments.

Leroy Secksie
The Founder.  Married Twinbrook’s Amy Bull and died in a newb fire accident.

Luanne Secksie
Married Twinbrook’s Shark Racket and died two days after fufilling her LTW.


Buck Secksie
Jared Secksie 

Buck was his daddy’s clone.  Jared isn’t really a spare, but he is Deborah’s grandfather.

Jedidiah Secksie
Loved fishing and had his own fishing show.  Died twice. Reached his LTW.
***Two attempts to upload him and the game keeps giving him his elder look in his thumbnail.  It might be because he was edited and uploaded after he became old, but he should download as a young man.  If anyone finds otherwise, please inform me.  Meanwhile I will think about getting around to fixing the thumbnail problem, but if he works fine, I’m not going to be in a rush :p

Melissa Secksie
Jed’s spouse.  Insane and died at the same time her son grew up. Didn’t finish her LTW.


Ellie Mae Secksie
Berkliegh/Berkley Secksie

Ellie Mae is the mother of Amber, Dodge’s wife, introducing the first instance of ‘incest’ in the game.  Berkley’s birthday kept crashing my game and later married Sunset’s Michael Bachlor.

Dodge Secksie
Married his ‘cousin’ and completed his LTW faster than any other sim I’ve had.

Amber Secksie
Dodge’s spouse and ‘cousin’.  Didn’t finish her LTW. Technically died twice.


Harley Secksie
Chevrolet Secksie

Harley and her son Micah were the last in the Secksie line with Leroy’s red skin.  Chevy is the mother of Nick, Ronda’s grandfather, making Chevy her great-great-aunt and great grandmother.

Virginia Clem Secksie
Liked younger men.  Died two promotions from achieving her LTW.
Virginia’s Hair 

Darrell Secksie
Virginia’s spouse.  Loved going around pants-less and didn’t even try with his LTW.


Jerry Lee Secksie, Warren Secksie, Lonnie Secksie, Heidi Secksie,
Nascar Secksie

Jerry Lee glitched up and soon after moving out went from young adult to elder in just a couple days.  Warren came from the future and died after finding out that he was gay.  Lonnie grew up with a simbot helmet for his hair.  Heidi was a accident child Dodge brought back from a trip to the past.  Nascar is Dodge’s late-in-life simbot.

Dale Secksie
White trash ‘gangsta’.  His LTW was apparently not good enough for a medium tombstone.
Entire outfit from Store.

Deborah Secksie
Dale’s baby mama. LTW uncompleted due to game performance complications.
Deborah’s Hair
Deborah’s shorts
Deborah’s top
Deborah’s boots


 Dixie Secksie, Danica Secksie, Tammy Jo Secksie, Richard Petty Secksie

Dixie was the only spare that didn’t have Darrell as her birth father.  Danica, T.J. and R.P. are triplets that tried to kill me.  Danica died alone and quiet, T.J. and R.P. are probably still dating.  Each other.
Dixie’s husband, Jay Secksie 

Patriot Secksie
Married Sunset Valley’s Bella Bachelor and became a farmer.
Patriot’s hat
Outfit from Store
Patriot’s Banjo
**Sometimes Pat’s download page breaks and I am not sure why this is, but if the page breaks when you want to download him, I’m sorry 😦


Daisy Duke Secksie
Ronda Secksie

D.D. married her imaginary friend and had imaginary babies.  Ronda is the only child of Dale and Edith.
Daisy Duke’s Hoodie Pattern 

Tater Secksie

Married Hidden Springs’ Ken Woodard and is the first same sex couple in the heirship.  Was the longest living sim in the legacy, at about 15 months.
Tater’s hair and pants are from the Store (hair is free)
Tater’s Shirt
Tater’s Facial Hair


Mountain Dew Secksie
Bear Secksie 

Mountain Dew was glitchy and killed herself in a glitch related kitchen fire.  Bear is the affair child with Bella and Shark, and is actually not part of the Secksie lineage at all.
Mountain Dew’s Hair
Mountain Dew’s Belly Button Ring
Shirt from Store
Bear’s Shirt and Hair is from Store
Bear’s Facial Hair

Dolly Secksie

Queen Bee and camera hog.  Spends most of the time looking at a mirror if no one is watching her.
Dolly’s Hair
Dolly’s Shirt
No clue where the shorts are from.
*For some reason, her upload won’t show up at all, despite being “uploaded” a total of four times so far.  Still trying to work on this problem.

Taylor Secksie

Dolly’s spouse.  Simself Starla’s son from Appaloosa, and makes the best upset-looking facial expressions.
Taylor’s Shirt
Taylor’s Pants


Lady Antebellum 


Carrie Tay


Lady (In Download, named only Antebellum) married orphan Kip, and really didn’t do much.  Sugar married Taylor’s own father, had his baby before he died, and watches a lot of television.  CT married a pink haired caveman and had a blonde, white child.
Lady’s Skirt
CT’s Hair

beau fancy Honeyb

          Beau Secksie                        Fancy Secksie                 Honey Boo Secksie

The tenth generation of the legacy, Beau and Honey were disappointing clones, intrested in music and fishing.  Fancy, the “official heiress” of sorts, has a thing for older, richer men, and her own fashion sense most of the time.
Beau’s Hair
Fancy’s Hair
Honey Boo’s Hair
Beau’s Shirt
Fancy’s Dress
Honey Boo’s Shorts


eagle       egret

Eagle Secksie               Egret Secksie

Bear and Opal’s ghost children.  

EP Testing Sims

Lee Ferne (2.0)
Azazel Rotter


Facebook Ferne
Youtube Ferne

Pets and Showtime

raven wrenEider Ferne
Raven Ferne
Wren Ferne


Chianti merlot Syrah


Chianti Sw0rd
Merlot Sw0rd
Syrah O’Dourke
Marlon O’Dourke
Wulfric Sw0rd

Island Paradise

2011 Holloween Special

Jester’s Hat, Outfit, Shoes
Nurse’s Outfit (Clean and Bloodied) and Hat
Jason Vorhees’ Mask
Sexy Fireman
Super Hero’s Outfit
Sexy Alien Dress, Antenna, Nose Makeup

2013 Holloween Special

SnK Scouting Uniform
Link’s Outfit
Skull Facepaint
Victorian Dress
Playboy bunny suit & Bunny ears

18 Responses to Secksie Downloads

  1. madlyeely says:

    Would it be possible to upload the current Secksie digs? (include the ghosts if you want to xD). I’m looking to bring down the price of my SV’s Summer Hill. 😀

  2. madlyeely says:

    Hmm… I think it’s might be something like going into Edit Town and clicking your house’s icon and there should be the upload button or whatever. Idk, never uploaded a house before. But mucho thanks if you can. 😀

  3. I’m downloading Leroy because he was my favorite. ^.^

  4. JessandherSocks says:

    Please upload Bear!!!!! He is so cute!

  5. Clover says:

    Could you tell me where Bella’s “farmer’s wife” (XD) outfit is from? The dress with the apron? thanks! 😀

  6. jsiegl says:

    Dale’s down! D: It says he’s no longer available… ToT
    I love your legacy ^^ It’s the only Sims 3 one that I could finish! 😉

  7. I’m loving your legacy! I’m downloading Jared due to his awesomeness (and for my simself… ;))

  8. whatismyname says:

    Can you upload the crazy, old, haggard sim that you claim acts like your mum? She’s totally awesome! I would love to have her in my game and keep reprimanding children and shouting at them to get off her lawn. Haha.

    • Ender Menon says:

      If you’re talking about that blonde woman named Renee, she’s a pre-made from Twinbrook. She lives on that little island with her ex-husband and daughter when the game starts.

  9. somebodysangel13 says:

    Could you possibly upload Bear and Opal’s kids? Especially Egret, I love her!

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