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The Last Huzzah

Hello everyone!  Christmas is coming up and with that I present my gift to you all: the end of The Southern Prettacy!  Twenty two months, 132 chapters, thousands of photos, countless glitches and several reinstalls to get to this point… … Continue reading

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The Little Mermaid Fight Club

You know why I love wordpress?  Because I finally finished uploading these final pictures for the last chapters weeks ago, and I’ve always put the pictures together in a chapter one by one.  Every single one, and that’s at least … Continue reading

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The Blonde

Hello again!  New week, new chapter, same stupid sims.  Let’s go. With the birth of Honey Boo, five kids in one room got to be a bit much, and since Eagle and Egret really aren’t the focus of the legacy, … Continue reading

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Yellow Eyes

It’s been an… interesting week for me, with everything being due and exams coming up and all that fun, exciting college stuff, but I got this under control.  Maybe.  No I don’t. Here’s a chapter. “Yeah, that’s right, come get … Continue reading

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Ken and Tater’s One Year Anniversary

This chapter is early because Thanksgiving is coming up and I figured it would be a good holiday present if I did one early.  That and I might go to the river Thursday.  Drown or something there.  I don’t know. … Continue reading

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Hi, I’m Still Family

Whoever is in charge of the town’s layout planning and housing system isn’t really all that bright.  I sent Tater and Ken out on a little outing to themselves, a sort of unofficial date, to a place they were having a SimFest, … Continue reading

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Opal Airlines

Back for another day of Secksieness?  They are happy you came by, they are depressed because the Mitt and the republicans lost the election XD They could use the pick me up: First, some simselves in the news, Clark managed … Continue reading

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