Opal Airlines

Back for another day of Secksieness?  They are happy you came by, they are depressed because the Mitt and the republicans lost the election XD

They could use the pick me up:

First, some simselves in the news, Clark managed to bag one, poor dear.  Considering I think he’s still “remarried” to Kat.  Eh.

And also, I don’t think Starla’s plan to find a rich old bachelor worked out very well.  She’s involved with one of my simself kids, and that isn’t much of nothing.  Really not a lot of options for them in Twinbrook I suppose.

“Well what do you know.  There’s a missing cat poster on the store door!  I never noticed that before.  And it looks like a real cat too!  I wonder if that was from the Pets update or if it’s been here the whole time.  I wonder what other little details are around that I haven’t noticed before…”

“Well what do you know.  More photoshopped fruits.  Well I’m done looking for today.”

“Ok Dolly, our son is great and all, but I think it’s time we got ready for another baby.”

“Really?  But I jus’ gawt outta the hospital four minutes ago.  I’m still all battered and canyon-ized down there.”

“What better time to start, my love :D”

After the baby making, Dolly got out of bed, put on her daytime clothes and put on her… old tattoos?

“This is mah Sunday attire.”

Of course they fixed themselves after she put on her formal.  Ok then.

“Luk’it wut I found!  A Cabbage Patch baby!  I’m gonna name it lil’ Tater ‘n will raise him as mah own lil’ gard’n given miracle baby!”

“Tater, put that back, we don’t need to bring in any stray-oh, that’s my son, nevermind, then *continues to other stuff*”

The newborn baby spent the night in the front yard apparently, just like virtually all Secksie children, to ensure their connection to their natural environment.

While Tater was taking care of the Cabbage Patch kid, the two young couples in the house got to have a day out to themselves, because they were almost all going stir crazy at this point.

They all went to the pool first.

“BRB, gonna go throw up sum’ guts in the bathroom, guys.”

“It’s cool, this pool makes me look like I don’t HAVE any guts… or legs…”

“You guys don’t mind if I skinny dip right?  Nah, you guys won’t mind at all.”

“Um… actually, yeah I DO mind!  My wife is right here, dude!  Seriously?!”

“Wanna have a breath holdin’ contest, Opal?”

“I suppose so, even though you cheat because you are made out of water.  Whatever strokes your ego I suppose, Bear.”

“Lalala, ignore me floatin’ through, apparently flyin’ through empty space, lalala”

At least she’s swimming in the correct tattoos.

“MMPH, I can’t hold my breath very long anyway Bear, (even though I’m dead, why do I need to breathe (*Shrug*)) You can have the win, I’m going back up.”

“Ok-WAIT, NO OPAL NOT YET!  Dammit Taylor!  Don’t swim over my wife right this second!  COME BACK DOWN OPAL! NOOOO!”

While Taylor got yelled at by everyone at the pool and violently throttled by Bear, look who I found wondering around in the public garden next door!  It’s our little teenage Sinbad!

“And if you say a damn thing about me here enjoying the flowers, I will strangle you in your sleep.  Also, say a damn thing about my Freddie Mercury get up and I will, also, strangle you in your sleep.”

You wore the jacket first.  You asked for it, Sinbad.

Also, in this version of Twinbrook, Sinbad is a coward.

Sinbad.  As a coward.

“Jesus Christ what is wrong with you?!  Haven’t you heard of what just happened in Chernobyl?!  Everyone’s gonna die now!  Them Russian’s being crazy!”

Maybe it was a phase he went through as a kid.

Since I made Sinbad a crazy Queen fan, I went ahead and gave his housemate Goodwin a fandom too.

“Sweet Sixteen?”

“Something just ain’t right here… this feels backwards, Goodwin.”

Apparently he went through a phase too?

Of course then I went and did a couple more Twinbrook teens for the hell of it.

I Annie Lennox’d Lucy.

“Sweet dreams are made of this~”

Then she proceeded to stay in the graveyard all night until the sun came up.  Sounds like Lucy.

Meanwhile, back to the outing.  They finally moved on from the pool to the bartenderless bar on main street.

“We are just waiting for that baby to drop now, aren’t we?”

“That’s right, Taylor.”

“Luk!  Taylor, it’s Cindi Lauper!  I use’ta love her sawngs’ as a kid!”

“I don’t know if that’s Lauper, babe.  I think that’s just that Jenni hooker kid.”

Hee hee… she bop.  Damn, that was my jam when I was, I don’t know, four.

And they say kids these days don’t know the lyrics to the songs they sing today…

“You’re outfit dear is very… revealing.  Even Lucy put on a pair of pants.  How about I give you a Cindi makeover that doesn’t say I give great handies behind a park bench?”

“Well, it’s cool, I’d prefer something that doesn’t make me feel weird every time I stand over an air conditioning vent.”

“I went with a tame, boring, plain working woman version of Lauper… uh… you know, the complete opposite of Lauper is still relating to Lauper, right?”

“I think so!  Being rebellious to the point where you are ‘in’ with the system is rebellious!  It’s rebelception!  YEAH!”

Maybe Taylor shouldn’t be allowed to work in fashion.

So Opal did break out in labor, you know, after I gave up and everyone was sent home.

“No, Bear, come back!  The baby, UGH, I’M DEAD AND can’t really feel anything anyway…”

Opal made it to the hospital.  With no help from the paramedics.

“I can’t help the woman!  She went into the hospital, and the hospital is in my way!  Help!”

I wonder how he doesn’t starve to death yet.

“This is my precious baby boy.  With no help from you, sir.”

“It’s ok, I was just catching up on my 50 Shades reading anyway.  Damn, I wish I had a red room too… too bad it would just cause me to route fail as well…”

Following whatever theme I have for Bear, his and Opal’s new baby is named Eagle.

This baby is so fucking patriotic you can smell the election.

“Why can’t our baby be as patriotic and awesome as Eagle, Dolly?”

“My question to yew is who da hell let’em back in the house?  He’s stinkin’ up the kitchen!  I thought yew said yew were gonna git it house broken!”

After the birth of Eagle though, it was only then did anyone find the nursery I built off the side of the living room.  Go figure.

Actually, no, that was my fault because I forgot to add a door.  Oops.

During Dolly’s second pregnancy, I tried to keep her busy working on her LTW.  Basically, she gardens the same two plants over and over again, and then the horse eats them.

That’s why there isn’t a lot of focus on her the next couple of days.

Ok, so this next part may need explaining?  Probably not but I will anyway.  Ok, so Opal is working on sculpture skill, and of course that comes with opportunities like “Make Juan a sculpture because he’s lazy and too busy not wearing pants”.  Of course, a normal person would have taken the sculpture, gotten in a taxi, and drove to Juan’s house.  Of course Opal isn’t like most fleshbag sims though.

She decided to walk across the street to Lady and Nascar’s house, walk up to the second story of their house, and float out of the second floor bathroom window…

And continue to float two stories up all the way across town.

“Tal?  I really can’t take a call right now, I’m busy trying to convince my senile brother that the babies in the house don’t come from a cabbage patch… what do you mean “my wife is flying”?!  Flying on what?! What the hell did you give her, Tal?!”

“This is your pilot speaking, thank you for choosing Opal Airlines, we will reach our destination within two hours.  At the moment we are going over the North Twinbrook River, if you look out to your left you can see it just below us flowing towards Bridgeport…”

“Ladies and gentleman, we have about arrived to our destination and will be making a landing within the next 5 minutes, thank you for choosing Opal Airlines and we hope you fly with us again soon-”

“Mayday, mayday, we are taking on land on the craft!  Please buckle up and stay seated people!  STAY SEATED!”

“This doesn’t look good, tell my husband I love him D:”

“Mmph, so this is what being buried is like…. eh, it’s room temperature.”

“Oh Eagle, I have some bad news son.  Your mother… she… *sniff*, was involved in a crash over the river, and well, oh… she’s dead, son.”

“Oh ok that’s good, will she be back in time for supper tonight, daddy?”

“Well of course, it’s her turn to cook tonight.”

“Ah, looks like some tension between Pipaw and Great great-something-grandma Amy.  I, Tori, the daughter of Kip and Lady, will avoid this confrontation…”

“Gotta eye problem, Freddie Mur-cunt?!”

“Oh shit, bitch gon’ get stabbed! (I, Tori, the daughter of Kip and Lady, will be on my way, now… or eventually…)”

“Oh, OH, bitch you want to get in it with me, huh?!  I will choke you with that little picnic tablecloth you call a dress”

“Lucy, stop him, he’s about to beat up a child again D:”

“No, Sinbad!  Stop, sweet dreams are NOT made of this!”

“I, Tori, the child of Kip and Lady, do not want this D:”


“Who’s big, furry, ‘n scary as balls?!  Nawt yew, Bella, yew sweet!  Yew ain’t ugly and gon’ eat me at all, are ya?!”

“Gonna ignore you, gonna walk around and keep pretending you aren’t really here…”

Fast forward that night, it’s baby time!


“But it’s just cuz yew ready to get out, huh lil’ baby?  Yew sweet lil’ baby.”

Ok then…

“Alright woman, git on mah horse.”

“Daddy, I’m in labor.  Ain’t no way in hell, I’m ridin’ a horse to the hospital.”

“Sigh, fine.  Get in the truck bed though, ain’t no way yew gettin’ ur crotch juice on my leather seatin.”

This little baby is a little girl, and her name will be Fancy.

“She’s named after a country song about a teenage hooker :D”

Not… really?  Sure whatever.

“Oh, that’s Fancy.  For some reason for the past two days I thought this was my baby and we were just taking it back to the hospital to get it fixed from being all dead and stuff.”

“Naw, that’s just another baby brought in from the cabbage patch.  I think Bear ‘n Opal claim it though, what are you doing with it here?”

Speaking of that couple, they got one more baby on the way now, a sibling for Eagle!

And meanwhile, Bear helped little Beau grow up on his birthday while Dolly and Taylor got back from the hospital.

“Yew TOUCHED my baby?!”

“Have you ever touched your OWN baby, Dolly?”


And here he is, a virtual clone of Dolly (FUCK) with Ken’s haircolor.  Good job Taylor.  You’re lazy-ass genes didn’t contribute at all.  Thanks.


“I will contribute, however, to the growth and education of my son… Dolly?  Can you NOT be standing on the baby right now, I’m trying to teach him to talk right now.”

“Nawt righ’ now, Taylor.  The lightin’ on this very spot makes me luk fabulous.”

“Dammit son, your mother is such a prima donna.”

“Alrighty guys, I just put the little girl up for a nap.  I think she’s a really cute little baby from the patch.  I think I’ll call her Hildegard.”


Last but not least, Elissa is having babies with the gross grandpa I gave Skeet and Gwayne, now those two will have a half-sibling D:


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11 Responses to Opal Airlines

  1. FranklinMarklin says:

    hehehehehehe….he… Oh God. I love this so much. It’s a shame it has to end. But all good things… blah de blah. Anyway, EA really phoned it in with some on the decorations in the game. Plus a real cat on a missing poster and photoshopped produce really conflict. The funniest bit was obviously the Opal Airlines bit -hehehehe….-. But dressing up the teenagers like 80s music stars was gold. Also, child Amy. It wasn’t until you dressed her up as Cyndi Lauper, that I realized just how much Jenni (who I think it is) looks like her mother. It’s creepy and explains why Renee’s great grand-daughter in my game looks like a reincarnation of Renee *shudders*. So Gwayne and Skeet are siblings who’s grandpa is also their dad? This makes total sense *shudders more*. Also, I HATE it when children end up becoming clones of their parents. I’m doing an uglacy in Twinbrook right now, and in my version of the town Bunny Curious and Tay Bayless hooked and had a son who ended up being a face-clone of Bunny. Which is all and well since Bunny’s hideous, but it would have been a lot better if he had been a mix of the two. Then he would be uglacy gold. Also, sorry for the long comment, bad habit of mine.

    • missmiserie says:

      I feel the in game decorations seem to be hinting to easter eggs, but not really… I actually found the cat to be really clever, because I have seen that door millions of times, and I never really looked at the small details like that.
      Yeah, after I dressed Jenni up like that, I started calling her Renee out of habit..
      Yeah, you think the good ones that breed make interesting kids, and then they don’t. Honestly I haven’t had a whole lot of good townie-bred sims. Very rarely, but not often.

  2. Alli B says:

    Cowardly Simbad makes the wait between chapters all the better.

  3. SRaina says:

    This was great. Hopefully, Fancy is more of a mix of her parents and won’t live too much like the song. 😀

  4. Oh man, this makes me sad that it’s ending. I laughed SO MUCH. Sinbad dressed up as Freddie Mercury is just one of those things that you don’t think about, but when you see it, you’re like “Why didn’t I see it as a necessity before?”
    Does that make sense? Probably not.

    Also, Opal Airlines made me have to stop reading for a few minutes so I could quit laughing so hard. xD She became a bright purple and really slow moving shooting star.

    Hopefully Fancy will have a better mixed up face. I’m so tired of clones. It just kills my mojo.

    • missmiserie says:

      I think I did ask myself that! Why I didn’t see it before, you know! That jacket is almost perfect!

      Still can’t figure out why she did that either D8

      God, I can’t even begin to stress my anger for clones. The perfect opportunity to mix facial features, and 90% of them decide to stick with one parent’s look.

  5. uggles says:

    Hell yes, my simself knows how to pick ’em. We’ll be makin’ moonshine and sending sweet banjo tunes over the hill from our swamp shack of love.

    I LOVE the makeovers – especially Sinbad and Goodwin, haha. Those two cads, I can’t get enough of ’em.

    Man.. I can’t believe it, it’s almost over.. I really hope you will continue on with some of the family members, or port them in to whatever legacy you are working on next 🙂

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