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Unlovable Bear

This chapter is a pre-Showtime chapter.  It was also recorded before a live studio audience. As expected, Mack started having at it with his current wife.  It’s only a matter of time, I’m sure… And Sasha, suddenly realized that she … Continue reading

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Showtime Time Part III: Race to the Top

Alright, in the final chapter of this Showtime play through, we join the boys in a subconscious battle to become top of his game.  Which was the whole point all along to me, kinda. Facebook is still in the lead with two … Continue reading

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Showtime Time Part II: How To Ruin Your Career With A Horse

“DAYUM GURL.  You think he’d be good boyfriend material?!” “Gurl, if he can bend like that, he can be whatever he wants to be ;)” Back in Starlight Shores, the boys slowly claw their way up the ranks in their … Continue reading

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Showtime Time Part I: The Mime, The Singer, And The Magician

Guess what I got a few days ago!  Go on, guess! And don’t look at the title, that’s cheating.  You all looked at the title first, didn’t you?  You are all cheaters. Well, as usual when it comes to new … Continue reading

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