The School Crowd

Alright, we are back!  That wasn’t two long I suppose.  I do apologize for the absence, but that computer was about to die anyway.  New Computer, whom I named Sir Kickass McFriendship Von Happy Rainbows the II (name subject to change) is a GLORIOUS machine considering my budget.  I’ve been dancing all morning.

But then I slipped on the floor, so let’s just do some Secksies.

This chapter starts with where I left off before backing up, and then will switch to Sir Kickass’s game.  Surprisingly only a couple of days were lost since I backed up, so I don’t have a lot of photos wasted.

“Ok, yew stupid scannur.  I understand that ur readin’ a ghost’s presence right on top of ya.  That’s ME.  Wat OTHER ghost is in the room, dammit?!”

“Well, wuteva’ yew find, git rid of it!  I don’t know why I’m the one with all the ghost problems all the time!”

“WAAH!  My ‘Flintstones’! That’s COLD, man!”

“Hee hee.  My kid has pink hair.”

Wait a minute, they do!  That’s weird, neither parent has pink hair and this doesn’t have my hand in it at all.

“Mommy says it’s the ghost curse from all the spooks that follow her from house to house.”

Well if that isn’t the strangest case of genetic mutation I’ve ever seen.

“Papa, should we cawl’ Unca’ Bear out heer n take’a look at this?”

“Nah, it’s just lag dear.  Ma’ur fact, I think that floatin’ guitar’s been there since yesterday.  Talk ’bout sum renderin’ difficulties.”

“I SWEAR if this is who I think’s callin’ me…”

“TAL.  Stop callin’ ME!!”

I kinda feel bad for Tal sometimes.  He doesn’t have friends.

KIP! How’s the coolest little old people’s kid been doing!


You look great.

“But I’m not pretty enough for heir spouse, right?”


“Good. Laters.”

At least Kip’s not his foster brother.


Poor Charles.  I think he’s the one that was adopted.  You know.  From a zoo.

“Hey girl, can you like, sport me a few dollars or something?  You know, for things.  I’m NOT GOING TO USE IT FOR DRUGS OR ANYTHING IF THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE THINKING.”


“Ya know, I’m startin’ to side wid Dolly on this whole ‘flunkin school’ thing.  This is bullshit.”

“I know.  We jus’ spent the whole time since 9 this mawnin’ standin’ on this sidewalk.  It’s five p.m.”

I can think of a couple of reasons why that happened.

Because GOOD GOD

“Haha, I don’t go to school anymore, but I wanted to come watch all dem losers try to get ahead in life ‘n get gud jobs like that o’er there.  Ain’t they stupid ‘r wut?!”

And here’s where I backed up and Kickass comes in.

Of course, not quick enough to save Tater from pissing himself for the probable 8th time that day.

“Or ground me fur skippin’.”


“Welp, I have all my needs completely taken care of, I went to work, I finished work in two hours, I came back, fixed all the broken things, cleaned all the crap, ‘n now I’m gonna clean an already clean counter ‘cuz I ain’t gawt nothin’ else in need of doin’ right now.”

No Secksie house in the history of this legacy had ever been this clean.

Without all the lag and shit, things were getting done.

“Wow, I never knew how much fun it is to spend time wid’ yall horses!  Seein’ as it no longer takes me two hours to get off the porch and interact wid’em!  I’m havin’ such a great mawnin’!  I might even go to school today!”

And she DID.

I about cried.

It was so beautiful.

Ken finally started back on his LTW, became BFFs with Lynyrd, and witnessed Fat Mortimer divorce Ronda in front of their son Harry all in one afternoon.

It was the best day ever.

“It IS the best day ever!  I gawt to ground TWO of the kids in less than a few minutes! Nawt even a phone call from Tal can ruin this moment!”

Now that they are doing things in a tenth of the time it used to take, more of their traits can come out.

See, I completely forgot Sugar was a couch potato.

Now that she has everything taken care of, she can do completely nothing in her free time, instead of doing nothing when she has everything she needs to do.

I need to throw a real life party or something.

Lynyrd and Ken tried to race again, and this time ACTUALLY raced. They won second place.

Then Lynyrd had his birthday.

“I are a T-Rex! :D”

Poor Cleatus.  He did what he did in life during his first trip back.

Nothing but sleep.

“Must find bride…. zzz… rub Tal’s fat nose in it… zzz… get ice cream zzzz…”

Bear is doing great in his job I might add.  Since he stopped releasing ghosts to gain their acceptance, he’s got a nice little collection going on.  I might see how many he can get before he reaches his LTW.

“Oh dear.  Look who showed up at our doorstep in the middle of the night O___o”

“Oh I was just visiting… seeing as I called Bear earlier to make me some hotdogs, and I just followed him home, seeing of he wanted to hang out… maybe let me live with you guys and leave that loser Tal PLEASE D:”

Holy crap, she made the most depressed looking faces while standing on the front porch.  It can’t be that bad married to a carrot clown :I

Ah, I knew the first day of school was too good to be true.  The crowd is back.

Dolly: “‘N Now I remembur the reason I left in the first place.  SIGH.”

CT: “Are you kiddin’?  This is the reason I CAME to school today 😀 😀 :D”

Says the girl who came to school in her skimpy bathing suit…

DALE!  I haven’t seen you in a long time.  I thought I got rid of his tombstone or something, but I guess not.  I should check to see where I put it or something.

“Have you checked the driveway under the van?  Thinkin’ that might be a gud place to find it, yew bitch.”

(LOL it’s not under the van.  I don’t know where it is ._.)

“Ah well, I guess it’s time yew should get back under that van, Grampy.  It’s my TV watchin’ time, seven in the mawnin’.”

Eventually Dale left.  But not before I was starting to think I was going to have to reset his ass.

And the crowd is still here.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these kids hadn’t moved from yesterday.  Also note CT is wearing her bathing suit again.  I don’t know what to make of that.

“Well SCREW THIS.  I quit the first time ‘n I’m quittin’ again.  It’s my birthday this afternoon ‘n I sho’ as hell ain’t wastin’ it on the school’s doorstep.  Later suckers!”

And she went and danced at the beach.  And it was the most beautiful beach I have seen in a long time.

I almost let her grow up on the beach, then remembered I let Tater throw her a birthday party and didn’t really want to waste a good party.

“I wish fur heirship!”

You already got that.

“Then I wish fur a sexy boyfriend!  The sexiest boyfriend in the world!”

“But… I’m right here.”

HAH.  Sheldon grew up looking just as angry and crazy as his father.

“‘N in the spirit of my ancesturs, I grew up wid a trait that many Secksie’s have shared over the years.  A hatred fur the outdoors.  That is a redneck Secksie trait… right?”

Oh dear.

“WOW, she’s so cute I can barely contain my FACE”

You can say that again, Sheldon.  Please.  Do something about your face.

Dolly got her a job as a scientist (as her LTW is to be a Robot-Hippie crossbreeder, whatever the hell that LTW is called) and seeing as she flunked out of school, I’m sure she’s 100% qualified for the job.  Then she went and took a class in handiness skill.

Dan, is this all you do or something?  Stand in front of city hall?

“Yep.  Helps me escape the orphans.”

Ok then…

Alright, Dolly!  You have nothing better to do.  Time to go hunt down your baby daddy!

“Bitch please.  As gud lookin’ as I is, the men’ll flock to me.”

If only sims had that kind of conscience.  But they don’t.  I gave this town one whole generation to breed a good looking sim, and now it’s time to see if this town will disappoint me, or if I was right to have faith in the residents…

“But first, my graduation.”

Um, how?  You failed school, Dolly!  Why are you graduating?!

“I’m gettin’ my G.E.D. of course!”

“See?  Here it is, deposited righ’ outta Nascar’s ass.  Top notch scientist career, here I come!”

Some how I’m not surprised that she pulled her education out of the butt of a robot.

“Hey.  Uh, you wouldn’t have ten bucks I can bum, do you?”

Oh no.  This isn’t how I wanted to start my little manhunt.

AND YET, Dolly threw some wants for him.

“I wus halfway out the door when I realized that I think enuff of yew to ask fur ur sign.”

“Baby, my sign is whatever will get you in my bed ;)”

“I’m going to stand in the corner over here and pretend I’m not related to him.  Oh wait, I’m not.”

“Well, if you really do like me, are you sure you don’t have a few bucks I could have?  I promise it won’t go to drugs, honestly!”

“Oh wow.  Yew sure picked a winnur’ Dolly.”

“Oh Lady, you shouldn’t have!  Really!   I already have a girlfriend you know!”

“Wut gurlfriend?”

“You’re right, I don’t have a girlfriend!”

Well, soon to be no girlfriend anyway…

And of course, on the other side of the room, I only look away for four seconds and Dolly’s trying to get down Charles’ pants.

“But I don’t think yew luk as rediculous as that Tal guy-”

“You’ve said enough lady, you don’t compare me to a clown like that and get any from me.  Good day to you!”

And Dolly was forced to leave by me before she could say anything else.

“Hi Jeramy!  I wus jus’ in the neighburhood, ‘n I know that yew had one of the town’s most purdiest girls have ur baby… ‘N I wus jus’ wondrin’ wut the kid was like?  Does he luk like his mama mostly, hopefully?”

“You know, come to think of it, I haven’t seen him in a while.  The kid never came home last night, and hasn’t been around all that much lately.  Last I heard he and his friend Charles were going to go “shooting rocks” or whatever they said they were shooting.  Which was weird, because he didn’t even take his shotgun…”

Actually I don’t even think the kid lived there.  I don’t know where he is ._.

I humbly think that the most handsome sim in town is Mack.

Even if he can’t keep a girlfriend for more than three weeks, went to high school with Dolly’s father, and is currently married to the orcish Dovahkiin.

“Super teen extraordinaire, FREAKAZOID!  FREAKAZOID!
Runs around in underwear, FREAKAZOID! FREAKAZOID!”

“Please ignore the rants of my third wife.  She’s lost her mind.”

“Oh I jus’ love wut yew did to ur hair, gurl!  Wat’chu use to color it?!  Acryilic?  House paint?! Come on now, wut’s ur secret?”


 “:O Ur scarin’ me!  Stop it, all I wanted to know wus where ur hair color came from, damn!”

Ok, so Gracie’s pink haired girl didn’t come out all that cute, did she…

Meanwhile, Dolly beats the stuffing out of Tal and Rochelle’s oldest kid with a pillow.

“Hey look!  A penny!”

“Oh hey!  This self-tattoo machine isn’t all that bad at all!  So glad I came by this salon today!”

Oh… OH NO.  My poor Dolly!  I ruined her! ;_;

“Nawt ruined, I like this!  This is kinda cute!  I’ll jus’ tell my papa that I gottem’ off the back of a pickup truck at a Kid Rock concert.”

Bella getting old.

“WHY do birthdays HURT SO GOOD”


“I gotta message that a child I ain’t ever heard of had a birthday party here?  I followed his thumbnail to this lil’ house ‘n… is it yew?”

It was either this kid or his face clone brother.  I forget.  Either way, it scares me more knowing that Facebook bred.

Dolly was about to turn around and walk out and not even mess with these Riffins, when all of a sudden I see another pink haired kid.  On the family tree, he’s cousins with Gracie’s kids on the Riffin side, so I concluded that the hair had to come from a grandparent or something.








I’m right!  I’m damn right.  I guess Gracie and her daughter were kind of right when they said it was a ghost’s curse.

“Aw, well ain’t yew jus’ a lil’ cutie pie compared to all these… unfortunates.”

“Why yes I am aware that I’m a lil’ diamond in the rough ain’t I, hee hee.  Ah yes.  Ignore my dad standin’ here.  Sometimes he gets lost.  It’s kinda pathetic.”

“I knew I should have just left you at your mother’s house, boy >:\”

And that’s where I leave off for this chapter!  It’s nice to be back.  Of course I’ve been expecting something to break all day, because that’s just me.

Anyway, we will wrap up this chapter with some simself thingies.

Huh.  That will make this Thor’s fourth simself woman.  He’s racking up quite the collection.

Of coures, Kanoa Parrott is starting his own as well, I think Cait is either his second or third.  As sleazy it sounds, I hope Thor can keep more women than Kanoa.  Losing to Kanoa… well that would just suck.

And lastly, Sacha takes Ronda’s washed up divorcee.

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34 Responses to The School Crowd

  1. Singer14 says:

    You’re back! Oh my God, you’re back! AND I’m first commenter! Oh, bless Sir Rainbow II, the messiah, and pie! Miracles on miracles, you are back! *runs around dancing and sobbing hysterically*

  2. YAAAAAAAY! Isn’t it amazing to have a new computer after trudging through poop with a piece of crap? Everything looks all new and shiny and happy and sparkly! 😀 But I must say, it’s going to be weird not seeing all kinds of funky glitches and crashes coming from these chapters! Weird but fantastic!

    Anyways, it’s freaking AWESOME that you’re back! Can’t wait for more Secksies and Pokemon! 😀

    Great chapter, by the way! Laughed the whole way through. Especially when Dolly got her diploma from Nascar’s butt. Can’t believe Nascar is still around!

  3. LoL I love your new computer’s name!

    I choked on my pop when you said that Charles was adopted..from a zoo. Then I sat there and laughed for a good 5 minutes.

    You should plop down another school in town to fix that crowding problem.

    omg Dale! I ❤ Dale! At least he left though. Goodwin has been outofgrave for 3 days now, sleeping in other's beds, making pancakes over and over again. Bathing the cat.

    Lol Freakazoid! I loved that show!

    Lol if I was drinking pop when I saw the monkey girl I would have choked again lolol

    Oh, and your simself finally decided to come out of the laucher and show herself. Shes been making enemies with everyone in town. Including all the Mutant realitives. 😛

    Loved this chapter and I'm glad you got your smooth running game! Just don't do what I did and download 6897689686778 package files to slow it up again. 😛

    This was the most random comment ever.

    • missmiserie says:

      I feel sorry for Charles every time I see him. He was an ugly toddler…

      Another school, that’s a good idea! Thanks for suggesting it 😀

      Don’t worry about it, I love random comments XD

  4. jolvsbooks says:

    Yay! Nice that you’re back again!! This was funny as ever but I feel really sorry for Bear!! Let him find someone to love already!! Hope Sir Kickass is here to stay XD

  5. selahgio says:

    I’m so glad you’re back! I’ve missed reading this! ❤

  6. roniechan says:

    I was worried you were going to be gone forever. ;-; ((I didn’t think that a dead computer was something to lol about.))
    But, you’re back now!

    I totally think you should make Dolly marry Mack. He’s super cute, and this is the Sims, so it doesn’t matter if you break their hearts. XD

    I think you should just add names to your computer, so that the older it gets, the longer its name. You should give Sir Kickass McFriendship Von Happy Rainbows the II a hug for me for bringing the Secksies back. 🙂

    • missmiserie says:

      Nooo, but I was prepared to go a few more months though…

      Mack is pretty high on my list though, trust me. This town just… bred… weird things.

      Trust me, I hug it every time I touch it.

  7. meltheninja says:

    🙂 I’m glad you’re back! I’ve missed the Secksies!

  8. sweetribz says:

    You’re back!!! EE!!!! 😀 And poor Dolly..being not a lover of the outdoors Xp

  9. Madcapp says:

    Yay for new computers and no lag! I need one of those too. >,< LoL I'm glad you got a new one and made it back.

    I think also, that is CAN be that bad married to a carrot clown. LoL Tal is especially annoying.
    The school crowd is ridiculous. I see that too often in people's games.

    What is that little alien statue in the picture of Mack? It's cute!

  10. sachaxbeswick says:

    Yay! You’re back! Great chapter, hilarious, as always 😀

    And sacha, really? MORTIMER. I can do better than that 😉 xxx
    When will the next update be? X

    • missmiserie says:

      Thank you! Well, one play later and you and Mortimer started fighting a lot. I figured that relationship would last long anyway, he should be dead by now XD

  11. Del says:

    😀 Yay!

    I also have that weird pink-hair thing in my town but I couldn’t find any explanation. And it’s not even a nice-ish pink like yours – we’re talking fluorescent! Haha, I’m glad you’re back, I had no motivation to blog ever without your blog to remind me how much fun sims is. 😛

    • missmiserie says:

      That one kid has nice pink hair, the other two are really bright though. But yeah, I think the line comes from the Riffins, but I don’t know about anyone else.

  12. Kayla says:

    “See? Here it is, deposited righ’ outta Nascar’s ass. Top notch scientist career, here I come!”

    Some how I’m not surprised that she pulled her education out of the butt of a robot.

    I’m not surprised,either. XD

  13. SimBlip says:

    Brilliant! “I wus halfway out the door when I realized that I think enuff of yew to ask fur ur sign.” I loved that line. 🙂

  14. hannmacy says:

    This is like my favorite Prettacy in the whole wide world.
    I am soo happy you are back, yet so sad this is ending soon. D;
    Sabrina, you have inspired me to make my own legacy type thingy. It’s sorta a mix between a babacy and a legacy. Lawls
    Just starting it up; have all the pictures and stuff. Just not written out.
    And congrats on your new computer! May it treat you well. ^^ Oh, I’m Hannah, by the way. XD

  15. Gargantua says:

    Three cheers for your new computer! Sims 3 is such a resource hog! But hooray for Daisy. I’m looking forward to finding out if she finds an attractive sort or if she gets stuck with something from a zoo. I don’t suppose she has time to wait till the pink-haired kid grows up, does she? Thank goodness for MasterController. 🙂

  16. misims says:

    I’m back with the commenting again, I was high on cold medicine when I was reading your blog a few weeks ago, hopefully I’m more coherent now.

    Dolly is very pretty and has an.. interesting voice. Hope she enjoys her degree in butt crack. 🙂 I especially loved the ghost complaining about his flintstones. Cold indeed! And the green orc running around singing FREAKAZOID. Your new computer is giving us as much fun as the old, but it sounds like it’s much more fun for *you*. Kudos!

  17. somebodysangel13 says:

    Yay, I loved Dolly, she was my favourite. Where did you get her YA outfit from? The US flag shirt and denim shorts? It’s pretty.

    • missmiserie says:

      Her shirt comes from here: and I don’t have an actual source on the shorts. I think they came from a sim I downloaded off the sims site. As for Dolly herself, unfortunately she’s not for download since she’s kinda glitched, and I never got around to fixing that 😦

      • somebodysangel13 says:

        Thanks for the link! I have to make a more flirty/less prim and proper sim one of these days. Dolly is good inspiration.

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