Magical Night of Sim Game Magic… And Then Fire

It was like the heavens opened and rained down love and happiness and the blood of my enemies tonight!

I finally got Twallan’s mod to work and continue working!  WOOOO!

Now you might be still wondering why it never worked before.  Honestly, I still don’t know.  I did everything I’ve always done before, maybe expecting it to pretend like it’s still doing something with the mod, just to forget about it later on and pretend it’s not there.  That was three nights ago.  But tonight, as I opened the game up, Twallan’s mod was still there, smiling at me with friendship and rainbows, shouting, “I AM TWALLAN’S MOD, HOW MAY I MAKE YOUR MUTHAFUCKIN DAY AWESOME?!”  Does anyone else hear that when Twallan’s mod is on?  Sounds just like Morgan Freeman but with all the sexiness of an Old Spice commercial.

“Now I dun’ hav’ta chose between bein’ gay ‘n havin’ babies!  And wid’ Dewie’s death, how can my life git any bettur?!”

Don’t jump the gun just yet, Tater.  When Pets gets here, knowing my luck my computer, it’s going to regret ever letting me have my way and make me have to chose between the mod and the EP.  Now this is my worry for the moment.  If this is my computer lulling me into a false sense of security, I will craft it it’s own little android body, just so I can punch it in the face.

“I take offence to that.”

Oh, grow a pair, Nascar.

“… I can’t.”

“Wait, does anyone else smell dat burnin’?!”

What the hell, no one even touched the stove!!  I’m CURSED!!

About missmiserie

I make sims legacies and update them once every other blood moon :)
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27 Responses to Magical Night of Sim Game Magic… And Then Fire

  1. flannhopper says:

    Silently laughs at your misery…………………….

  2. Skehrer says:

    Yaay! Twallan’s mod is working! Make sure you find some male pregnancy clothing so your sim’s heads don’t float around without a body!
    Also, I believe your stove and the Testys fireplace, Trogdor are related!!!
    Can’t wait to see Story Progression add lots of babies to your town.

  3. uggles says:

    I think the mod sounds like that to you because that’s exactly how Twallan sounds in real life, and if he doesn’t, he totally should.

    Also, I’m mad that I got excited this was going to be a real update. AND ITS NOT. 😡 More Secksie shenanigans plez.

  4. Yay Twallan! He’s my favorite mod-maker ever.

    Lol! I love how you described it.

    let’s hope the mod continues to work after pets! I CANNOT WAIT RAAAGHH.

    “Oh, grow a pair, Nascar.”

    “… I can’t.”


    • uggles says:

      You probably already know this but just as a reminder to save heartache if not: When pets is out, make sure to save all CC separately and remove it before installing, especially mods. Otherwise those mods tend to wreak havoc with the new EP.

      Twallan is usually really quick about turning out updated versions of his mods so it probably won’t take long to get the latest compatible version for pets. 🙂

  5. princessnavy says:

    The stove catching on fire is your computer’s way of getting back at you. First the stove, next the house, and soon…. THE WORLD. Or just your computer…

  6. madlyeely says:

    Yay! I’m so happy for Tater. The fire is Simis’ way of punishing you for kidnapping Bella and making her into a harlot that bangs dead people and gives him gay grandkids. 😀

    Admittedly though, I’m kind of disappointed that we won’t have a Secksieback Mountain scenario (xD). I was looking forward to that…

    • missmiserie says:

      Ah, Simis’ ghost sucks. Luckily I haven’t seen it, because I can hardly take care of the ghosts I got.

      There might be a ‘Secksieback’ scenerio, you never know 😉

  7. sachaxbeswick says:

    Is it Okay to be in love with virtual characters???

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  9. I totally read that in Morgan Freeman’s voice before I even read the next part XD
    Finally caught up again! Yay!
    Hopefully the EP won’t herp a derp your game. I wouldn’t be able to survive without hacks. As it is I had to give up all vampire households due to crashes and lag. But no hacks? I feel for ya

  10. I just read all generations since I found this legacy a few days ago, at like 6 am on google I believe. >.< It was kind of addicting, I loved the founder and I was thinking of doing a Uglacy because I love playing in twinbrook and they are just perfect for that sort of thing. I'm from the south, Arkansas and Jed looked a lot like my boyfriend. Reminded me of my friend Tyler. Yep, good ole southern boys!

  11. Oh, Morgan Freeman, I always knew you were the voice of Twallan’s Mod.

    YES, GAYBIES! Except, dammit, Pets is probably gonna screw it up. I’ll try to entertain myself with my bacon supplies.

    And, not to be an attention whore, but…check out my new rainbowcy? I know you’re probably neck-high in busy shit, but it would, dunno, be nice if you could >.< and stuff.

  12. Sachaxbeswick says:

    Ive finally caught up! i must say your writing is always a good laugh 🙂
    when will the next update be? Im definitely awaiting it 🙂

  13. Madcapp says:

    I had to uninstall Twallan’s mod months ago because it was preventing my sims from aging. I know your disappointment. It asks me how it can make my game awesome as well, and yet my game failed to let it!
    I just got pets today so I don’t dare try to reinstate Twallan’s yet. I hope you can keep it working so Tater can have babies with his future husband 😀
    Can’t wait to see what you do with pets! I haven’t had time to do anything but adopt a foal and watch it “miss it’s mother” run around the yard and get startled and then start freaking out. Oh and the other horse ate my newspaper. Good times.

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