It’s Shark Week!

Ok, so the chapter doesn’t have anything to do with sharks.  Or Shark Racket.  Ok, maybe just a little, but not really.  Moving on.

“Come Bloateh, mah trusted steed!  Shall we ride on ovah’ to the pond, ‘n fish to our hearts content!”

“Nah, the last time you rode me, you pulled on my ears and I bit you, remember?  I thought you wouldn’t go tryin’ that shit again.”

Let’s see, last time, Bella had Tater, Bella had Mt. Dew, and Pat found a banjo. There we go, and now let’s get back to Bloaty and Tater’s Gallant Princely Adventures…

“Ew Bloateh!  I told yew to wait outside fur me!  Don’t come in heer while I’m own mah ‘princely throne’!”

“But… I smelled truffles…”

Bloaty and Tater’s Gallent Princely Adventures: THE END

“Mah mah, wut a handsome lil boy yew gawt thur, Kay’lun!  Aw man, I can see it now.. mah lil purdy baby gurl, Mout’n Dew, wid ur handsome lil… wus’ da boy’s name?”

“His name is Rigoberto.”


“Well in that case, gud luck gettin’ ANY gurl to marry ur son.”

“WTF, but you just said your daughter is named Mountain D-”

“Tha’s neither heer ‘r thur.”

In news of the simselves, I added Thor, and in no less than two days, he married Elissa and popped out twins.


I said TWINS, Elissa.

“Oh, yeah… Um, I accidentally one of them.”

Oh my god.

“Holy CRAP!  I’m so glad Dale didn’t come with me, he would be trippin’ SO hard right now…”


This is NOT what I wanted to find you doing in the backyard!

“It’s nawt wut yew think it is!  Shark and Bella are just… havin’ a friendly conversation.”

Mmhmm, I bet.

Ah, Pat.  Don’t look so sad, you are the one that wanted to work out for once.

“Yew think mah wife’s gonna like it? I’ve worked all night on… this.”

…She’ll love it.

Also, what are you two doing at the gym at four in the morning?  Are you two finally getting along for once?  How sweet.

“Um, NO.  He won’t stop following me whenever I go somewhere.  I keep telling him to leave me alone, but he keeps stalking me!”

“You took my sweet Sarah away from meee… I want my Sarah back, Daaaan…”

“Dude, she died days ago!  Back off!”

You know what this chapter needs?  More Tater.


“Are you done starein’?!”

I don’t know if you are cute or weird looking 😀

“That’s… wut?”

“Derp, I are cute?!”

…I’ll come back to you on that.

“Boooo Leroy, why do yew always gotta come hawntin’ wid Shark when Shark is hawntin’?!  Gooo awaaaay!”

“Ur more annoyin’ than onna’ dem homosex’al squirrels inna’ pecan orchud… git it… cuz he likes nuts…”


“I’m gonna snatch them off they ass so fast, they’d never see it comin…”

“Yo, Tiddlywink, do ya think this sum bitch can’t think that we don’t see him comin?”

“Fo’ sho Mr. Piddly!  Le’s sho him how a real gansta does it!”

“Oh yew sonna’va bitch”

“…Hi daddy…”

“Boy?!  Stop bein’ weird, ‘n wut’chu doin’ in mah bed at this hour?!”

“I’m waitin’ on yew to read me a bedtime story pops!  ‘Sides, ur bed is so much more softer…”

“Boy go to ur room now ‘n go to bed!”

“…Does this mean I won’t getta bedtime story?”

“No but yew will getta’ butt whoopin’ if yew don’t git outta mah bed befur I start mah banjo practice, now OUT!”

“…I’m startin’ to think I ain’t gonna getta bedtime story…”

PLEASE don’t tell me you waited in bed all night for a story… it’s daytime, Tater!

“Hmm, I was wondrin’ why I was so hungry and stinky all of a sudden…”

Um, nice new ride?

“Yeah son, bought this fur 45 GRAND!  Gonna put some subwoofers in the back, ‘n ride ’round town at 4 in the mawnin’, paint some flames on this thing, shout at random bitches walkin’ down the sidewalk…”

I had a 50’s pimp van joke, but I forgot it.

“Hey pops, I bet ur wishin’ I could help yew in the garden.”

“I know!  No chill’ren helpin’ in the garden, no child labor at all… wut kinda ‘Merica is this?”

I’m just as annoyed that children can’t skill on some things as I’m sure everyone else is.  I really can’t see the problem with children picking a few tomatoes or something.

“Oh Lerooooy… Shark knows ur in there… GIT OUT…”

Leroy from the stove: “STOP HAWNTIN’ ME”

“Gud gawd, we gotta do somethin’ bout them damn ghosts.”

“Oh I don’t know Pat, I think they are kinda cute… hee hee.”

“Ugh, really?”

Bloaty: “This is the second photo my ass has photobombed in a row :D”

“Oh baby, I didn’t know yew were pregnant again!  I didn’t getta’ notification ‘r anything…”

“I know Pat, I mean, I remember getting pregnant, but that was it!  Weird, huh?”

“I know one thing babe, I’m gonna pay more ‘ttention to this lil’ baby than I have the other two yet!”

“…I mean I don’t remember any notification that Bella was even pregnant!  One minute she’s wearin’ her brown dress ‘n the next we notice the maternity outfit!  I donno… I just know one thing babe, I can’t git yew pregnant!”

Nascar, don’t you have a microwave you’ve been neglecting lately?!

“Not what I wanted to find when I came to change MD’s diaper…”

“Wut?  It’s nawt wut it looks like… I was busy takin’ care of a weird fire that just happened to happen in the barn loft, ‘n then I was so mad that all mah stock of meth crank hay was gone that I suddenly found mahself heer… ‘n the doll hawse wus jus’ like this wen I saw it.”

“Hey Flappy!  Git ur smokin’ ass outta MAH spot on the flur’!  Shark wants to pass out thur next!”

“Oh mah GAWD, why can’t this guy git off mah case?!”

Shark just needs someone to annoy, Leroy, and since I’ve pretty much learned how to ignore him, I guess that new person to annoy would be you.

“Ugh, yew stink.  Like burnt pee ‘r somethin’.”

“Well if yew don’t like it, why the fuck yew intent on followin’ me everywhur?!”

“…I have no friends.”

“Peekaboo lil’ Mt. Dew!  Hee hee, com’on now, play peekaboo wid’ ur big brothur!”

“Um… I have no idea who yew are…”

NO BELLA!  BAD Bella!  Not over the children *sprays with water bottle*

“I’m not doing anything to them!  I’m just practicing!”

Yeah yeah, go “practice” in a quiet corner or something if you need to do that so bad.

“Ok now… now that mama’s gone to her lil’ corner… I’m gonna tell yew once, ‘n once only, lil gurl… yew stay outta mah way.  Got it?!”

“Um, haha wut?  Wut are yew talkin’ bout Tater, jus’a minute ago yew were bein’ so nice ‘n playful wid’ me…”

“I’m surious, Mt. Dew.  Yew grow up to be cuter than me, or better than me in anyway ‘n take all mah ‘ttention way frum the family…”

“‘N yew’ll regret it.


Jeez Tater, way to set a sibling rivalry.

“Shark go sleep now, Shark so sleepy from stalkin’ Leroy all day…” *THUNK*

“Ugh, bout fuckin’ time.  Now I can enjoy my stinkin’ burnt… thing… in peace…”

“Oh my big brothur has all the funnest toys!”

Quite sure you shouldn’t be playing with his stuff, Mt. Dew.  Remember that he’s not particularly… fond of you.

“Well, I wouldn’t have to resort to sneakin’ into his room at night if yew would, oh I donno, git around to decorating my bedroom?!  OR, if nawt that, at least replacin’ my doll hawse grampa smashed?!  That’s still in there?!  Just a thought.”

Yes yes, I’m lazy.  Just carry on.

“AMG why you skip school son, that’s so uncool!  I mean, I know you were heading towards the school bus and all but SHIT”

“Cool it mom, damn, you know how long it takes for us to get dressed and actually get aross this laggy-ass lot?!  Go take a hormone pill or one of grampa’s “potions” ‘n mellow out fur once!”


Oh, look at that, it’s Deborah for the first time this chapter.

“Piss off.”

She loves to just visit her favorite grandson Anwar, and Bun just loves when she is over too, so he doesn’t have to actually watch the kids for once.  To be honest though, I don’t think he was in the first place, because the second Deborah walks into the house, their youngest Grady runs out screaming about the bookcase “mysteriously” catching fire.

“This is Dale’s fault!  If he wasn’t in the fire fightin’ career, this random fire shit won’t happen!”

True.  Speaking of King Fire Killer, what’s taking his ass so long?  (I mean, he IS a firefighter, but damn.)

You came to put out a fire while still burnt all to hell, Dale?!  I wouldn’t trust you to put out a fire if you were the last fireman on earth.


“Oh, hi babe?  How’d the fire git put out befur I gawt in heer?”


“Well, I’m glad yew managed to put out the fire dear, but I’m gonna have to fine yew fur callin’ me out here fur no emergency.”


What’s even better, is that Deborah did all the work, but Dale still got paid, got a promotion, and even got a call from Bun about what a big hero he is.  What a load of crap.

“And as he moaned ‘Linda’ wid’ every thrust, they both climaxed just as her father, the whale hunter, came through the cabin door wid his harpoon…”

“Mr. Shark sir, isn’t the G-Spot where all the hipster’s go to get coffee ‘r somethin?”

Dammit Shark, that is NOT appropriate material to read to the children!

“Um, excuse me, I know it’s important that Tater’s gettin’ taught the burds’ ‘n bees frum a ghost that hasn’t spent time wid a child even in his life, but yew kinna’ furgot my birthday.  AGAIN.”

I’m sorry if I don’t find birthday’s interesting anymore <_<  and as much as I enjoyed the lag that is birthday parties and constant rotting cake, you grew up just fine in your still crappy bedroom.

“I grew up a coward.”

As I said, just fine.

“Hey Bella?  Have yew seen mah green gard’n hose ‘n OH MAH GAWD THAT LUKS LIKE IT’S PAINFUL”

“Hm?  What looks like it’s painful, dear?”

“The BABY, Bella!  Ur goin’ into LABOR!”

“Oh, is that what it is?  I was wondering what that searing pain and all this water was coming from!”


“Aw, I had a little boy, Pat!  A perfect, adorable… blue… little boy!”

“…Uh, wut?”


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41 Responses to It’s Shark Week!

  1. geritwag says:

    Well, I WAS going to comment about how I thought Nascar was cheating on Microwave with Blender, but then EH MAH GAWD SHARK BABY. Will this baby refer to itself in the third person too?!

  2. Elocine says:

    God damnit, Shark. Really, that’s all there is to say about this chapter. 🙂

  3. Holy cow, was NOT expecting that. Maybe Shark told Bella they were playing… Go fish….

    “Shark loves this game and hasn’t played it since he died! Will you play it with me, Bella?”

    “SURE! :D”

  4. klaxonly says:

    I feel proud for already knowing about the Sharkbaby. I love Tater and his throwback hair, also. I hope he passes on Bella’s eyes.

  5. Skehrer says:

    Awesome chapter! That Bella…tsk, tsk, tsk…
    I loved Tater’s and Bloaty’s GP Adventures! Bloaty apparently knows where to find all the black truffles!

  6. StyxLady says:

    D: !! Was not expecting that! Wow. Bella, you ho. I love Tater and Mt. Dew! Talk about snarky. XD They fit in perfectly with this family.

    So, Bloaty…do you move him around all the time or is he somehow coded like a gnome and able to pop around to different places? XD

    • missmiserie says:

      I wish I could get Bloaty to work like a gnome. Actually, I have about seven different Bloaties in every other house, and every now and then, I move them around. I just like to keep him involved instead of being stuck in a stuffy pen.

  7. rockit4 says:

    oh dear god. XDXDXD

  8. When I saw the blue baby, I was laughing! XD

  9. uggles says:

    Oh man I cracked up so hard at Leroy being harassed by Shark constantly! Maybe it’s a fire vs water thing? XD There’s something so funny about Leroy still cruising around in his bathrobe.. he’s like a dead redneck version of The Dude from the Big Lebowski.

    My simself had twins with Thor! That’s almost as amazing as what those ‘shrooms do at night 😮 who knew?! Also, thanks for the flowers sprayed on the lot.. it really ties the mushrooms together

    The twist with Bella at the end was great too, total surprise!

    • missmiserie says:

      I was actually wondering if all ghosts that died in fires and drowning act the way they do around each other, because it’s not like this around the other ghosts.

      I know, I added Thor after deleting a bunch of elders and a whole bunch of babies were born! I got to kill off more old people more often!

      I know, I love sim affairs :O I don’t know why I find making my sims cheat so fun!

    • Thor love you long time, bb.

  10. Rad says:

    Hahaha. Sharkbaby indeed.

  11. Kawaii :3 says:

    Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark, and are you kidding Bella? Yup she’s a ho 🙂

  12. Loving the baby :L Plus, have you ever seen Robot Chicken? I was rewatching my boxset the other day and one of the sketches includes a robot trying to seduce a washing machine. I automatically thought ‘NASCAR’ If you haven’t seen or don’t know about it; Youtube Robot Chicken robot. :L The robot actually looks like the simbots LOL :L ❤ Anywhos, great chapter.

    ^^ I said robot too much. 😀

    • missmiserie says:

      HAH, the first time I caught Nascar talking to the microwave I thought about the washing machine humping robot 😀



  13. spongeb0berz says:

    LMAO shark baby XD Does this one even count for the heir vote? I wouldn’t think since he’s related to pat… but he isn’t.. then- EHHH my head hurts D:

    • missmiserie says:

      No, ghost baby isn’t part of the legacy and doesn’t count, he’s just something to take up space like Nascar. Something I want but shouldn’t be having 😀

  14. Malin says:

    *Head explodes*

    But at least Pat finally has some muscles! *drools*

  15. Gargantua says:

    LOL! Now we know what Bella and Shark were really doin in the garden – and it involved more than just hands. Oh the drama! I’m looking forward to seeing Pat react to this.

  16. medispud says:

    This was like… OMG I literally gasped and was like “SHARK’S BABY!”
    Also, amazing as always! Can’t wait to find out what happens!

  17. skehrer says:

    Do you happen to have Pat available for download?

  18. Madcapp says:

    SHARK! Well, ghost baby is cool bust sheesh.

    Man my kids ALWAYS go to the double bed for those stupid bedtime stories. It’s SO fucking annoying.

    Loved the bit with Dale and the gnomes. I actually did laugh out loud at that one.

    Tater’s creepy face is creepy.

  19. valerievenom says:

    That chapter ending deserves the greatest reaction teh interwebz can provide: a good ‘ol fashioned flat “wut”.

  20. liezemies says:

    Wow a ghost baby. So cool!. Bella is a ho, though.

    Tater and Bloaty are awesome. How could Mt. Dew ever surpass that?

  21. Oh my god. She slept with Ghost Shark. COME ON BELLA GODDAMN.

    In other news, you got Thor to work in your game! I told you he’s all virile and manly and shit. He’ll pretty up yer town real guuuud.

  22. SimBlip says:

    Bella is sooo naughty and probab;y the funniest and most real Sim around here. Not a redneck girl for “sho”

  23. Teresa says:

    Shark woohoo I’m guessing? Lol. I have supernatural so I just put random ghosts in the town…And then again I’ve finished my legacy and I have so many ghosts. I’m on gen 12 right nooow! 😀

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