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How to Play a Banjo

I’ve been meaning to post this chapter for a few days now, but every time I get on the game, it crashes, or I get destracted my CAS and/or my other legacy ideas, or the internet, or I get sick, … Continue reading

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A New Legacy (Or Two)!

WHAT?!  WTF IS THIS SHIT SABRINA IS SPOUTING OUT SHE CAN’T EVEN TAKE CARE OF ONE LEGACY But yes, it’s true, I’m planning two more legacies because I wanted to. ACTUALLY, they are the legacies I was going to do … Continue reading

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Stuff And More Stuff

D: I didn’t really have a title for this chapter.  I’m getting slack on titles anyway. “Why?!  Why’s it always gotta come into MY room befur mah bedtime?  ‘N why’d it have to bring THAT?!” “Glad to meet yew lil’ … Continue reading

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The New Stonewall Adventure

Is anyone else finding WordPress to be a sudden pain in the ass to work with or is it just me? (As in, I just typed the ‘me’ in the past sentence, and photos vanished. DA FUK) Anyway, since last … Continue reading

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It’s Shark Week!

Ok, so the chapter doesn’t have anything to do with sharks.  Or Shark Racket.  Ok, maybe just a little, but not really.  Moving on. “Come Bloateh, mah trusted steed!  Shall we ride on ovah’ to the pond, ‘n fish to … Continue reading

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