An Heir Poll

I know, I know, I said there wasn’t going to be an heir poll.  But after posting the last chapter, my OCD seemed to beat it into me that it wasn’t fair, so despite Patriot being my favorite, I mentally beat myself into holding one anyway.

So go vote now!  You only got a couple of days to do so go NOW




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I make sims legacies and update them once every other blood moon :)
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16 Responses to An Heir Poll

  1. skehrer says:

    I voted, please don’t kill Dale!

  2. nuclearwaffles says:

    I could not vote on there, for… I think it’s ’cause I wasn’t logged in, but that would be ’cause I forgot my username LOL… so if ya don’t mind, cast me a vote for Pat?

    I really wanna vote for all of them, XD

  3. Malin says:

    I voted before I knew Dale was in trouble. Even though the thought of Dale dying is making me giggle to no end right now. 🙂

  4. Rochelle says:

    Can’t vote at boolprop because I’m on my iPod and am too lazy to make an account! D: I love pat, but the idea of an imaginary friend as a legacy spouse sounds hilarious… Then again, Bun Onion looks like Derrell, so I’ll vote for Pat.

  5. Tree says:

    Pat HAS to win because he has Sinbad’s hair color.

    No exceptions.

  6. Victoria says:

    Oh no! I’m all caught up………Ok it’s been a couple days…you ready yet? LOL

  7. Anne says:

    Hi! I spent the last couple of months reading your entire legacy and I. LOVE IT!! Even though being from Denmark I don’t really know anything about rednecks at all, but still this is so hilarious and awesome. Thank you so much for making this!!!

    I vote for Patriot by the way 🙂

  8. skehrer says:

    I went looking for stuff for a new sim and I found this. I thought you might like it, if your game is okay with it. Maybe a Fourth a July BBQ in the backyard???

  9. Senny Paine says:

    Years later, but Pat is by far my favorite if only because he’s will Bella and there’s not a sim who I love more than Bella.

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