Lucy and Sinbad’s Generation Experimentation: Part III

Yeah right, a five-fingered discount, maybe.

Anyway, last chapter I got way too excited for the prom announcement, and with half-hearted determination, Lee started skimming over options for dates for the prom.

“Today is the day!  I can feel it, I have my eye on this one chick and I think she’s going to say yes!”

Overexcited Lee is overexcited.  Of course, before he ran on over to the girl’s house, he made one stop at the shower.


Poor little buddy, neon yellow is defiantly not your color D:

“H-hey Bella!  Um, I know that you still don’t have a d-date for the prom… and… gosh, you’re so pretty… I was w-wondering if maybe a guy like me… well… you know, if you would go w-with…”




LOL I knew it was a cruddy idea to make Miss Popular Bella snub everyone that wasn’t Mortimer.  But I enjoyed it XD

“However, I’m willing to do a little… “mmhmm”… for your trouble…”


Holy hell Bella, banned4lyfe much?!

Lee, heartbroken and a little horny, decided to just set a flaming bag of poo on their porch in his little act of revenge.

“And since we don’t have the pets expansion yet, let’s just say it’s not doggie poo.”

At the exact same time Lee lit the bag, his father, whom was sent over to keep the curfew from screwing Lee over, decided to join in the prank fun.  More like asshole than prank though.

And yes, that’s Sinbad in his little daycare outfit.  And yes, he does abandon the children to be home with a paid babysitter instead of actually watching them himself.  Easiest job ever.

“Oh son, you truly earned the title of a true Rotter.  I’m… so proud *wipes tear away*”

“Oh shucks dad…”


Meanwhile, Sinbad, true to his midlife crisis, if I leave him alone with himself long enough, he will go to the mirror and complain about himself.

“I’m just not what I used to be!  I was so muscular and handsome!  Now I’m old and, well OLD!  My kids are teens for Christ’s sake!”

Oh my God, you drama queen, you look the same and just fine to me, now go watch some babies D:<

“Ugh that asshole stole my hat”


Lee continued to prank the neighborhood and one night, VJ, who happened to be on the same lot, joined in as well.  It was so CUTE

“I don’t understand why throwing eggs at this wall doesn’t make the wall all dirty :(”

Lee ended up going to prom by himself, and apparently, he didn’t get some kind of memo, because I had no idea the theme was Casual Friday.

“Oh damn, please don’t tell me I’m the only one who dressed up…”

It would seem so, Lee…

“Alright, today is Lee’s little prom!  Say hi to the camera Lee!  Wait, am I zooming in right?  Lee, come over here and show me how to zoom!”

“OH EM GEE, hi Lee!  Remember me?!  It’s me, VJ, we trashed all those houses together last night, remember?!”

Lee: *ignores out of embarrassment again*

“Alright son!  You ready to do this thing?!  I’m pretty excited myself actually!”

“W-WHAT?  What the crap are you thinking mom?!  You don’t really, think YOU’RE  coming with me to prom, do you?!”

“But…  I thought you wanted to be with someone when you went to prom!  I only want you to be happy son!”

“I don’t want to be seen with my MOM at my PROM!”



After Lucy was dragged away, Lee went in and got further humiliated.

Poor little guy, I guess Bella is still being a pretty big bitch.

I’m not sure how he convinced anyone anything… probably with violence or poo again.

Still, he did get the crown after all.  Makes up for being duped for a dance, I’m sure.

Actually, after the crowning, Bella started getting real chummy with Lee.  Go figure right?


Still, Lee seemed to have a pretty good time at his little prom.

However, he came home and got punched in the crotch by his little brother for canceling out his interaction with him.

“That will teach you to ignore me when I ask you to read me a bedtime story, you ass!”

“Dad, what the hell is wrong with Azazel?”

“I don’t know, but read him a damn story already so I can start Happy Hour.”

Anyway, prom mementos.  Aww, Lee!

“I don’t understand why I ain’t as spry as I used to be!  I’m so sick of being 35, this sucks so much!  At least the children understand my pain…”

“I’m in pain because you are STARVING ME!”

Jeez Sinbad, you aren’t that bad, get over it!

Meanwhile, Lee seems to be having problems with his little “prom princess” because she started the snubbing all over again the next day.

“I don’t understand what the problem is, Bella!  One minute you are hanging all over my junk, and the next you are too good for me!  What about prom, huh?!  I thought we ment something to each other last night!”

“Look, I got caught up in the moment, but now that you are no longer a prom king, you are just a lowly loser like VJ or the Bunches or something!  Get a life, and stop calling me your girlfriend before I get Mortimer to kick your ass or something!”

“Now that we got that all cleared up… handjob?”

Well, Red Rider has nothing on you, now does she Bella?!

Dispite Bella being a total bitch and then ho to Lee, Lee got his first kiss/make out at the theater, which isn’t Generations related, but it’s still a big moment in a teen’s life!

Yeah, you go get that Lee!

Woo, Lee, you dog, and in a public location too!  I’m so proud of you!

“Eck, be proud all you want, I feel so filthy…”

Why, can’t be any worse than Bitchy Bella, can it?


Not just one, but TWO guys, Lee?  Your father will be proud *snicker*

“Yeah, let’s not tell my father, ok, guys?”

Mortimer: “Can we not tell Bella?  I think it will just break her heart!”

VJ: “PFFT, you kidding?  I’m telling EVERYONE”

Oh, you bet your sweet bippy he does.

Of course afterwards, he snuck over to Bella’s house after hours and stalked around with a flashlight.

Ok, so he was really telling a ghost story, but if you really saw this outside your bedroom window, wouldn’t you get scared too?

I know I would.


Jeez, go home, Lee.

“But I don’t get it.  If her mother was dead the whole time, who drove her to the cemetary?”

“That wasn’t the point of the story!”

“Well it would make the story make SO much more sense if it was!”

Meanwhile, Sinbad was supposed to watch the Ursine kid overtime, and hung out with Lee instead.  I really wouldn’t trust him with my kids.

“HEY!  You spent all your time with my asshole brother, and FAILED to even notice me grow up!  Why you gotta spend so much attention on him, HUH?!  I’m a person too!  I deserve some recognition too!!”

Oh man, I’m sorry Azazel D:  we still love you too, you know!

“Humph.  This just sucks that it feels like I was just born to promote strollers…”

Aww, I can’t resist his little cute worry face.  And it doesn’t help that he looks a little like Reaver from Fable III.

“Zzzzz… I’M NUMBER ONEzzzz…”

Meanwhile, Sinbad and Lucy got over being old and got older, and then got canes because they make old people so cute.

“UGH, why do I have to walk like the cripple back here, I’m SO SLOW now, this isn’t cool at all!”

“That’s because you ain’t putting no swag in your step, mah dahling!  Gotta re-PRESENT”


“You old goat I don’t know why I ever agreed to even marry you”

“I can say the same about you, you grumpy old bitch, I wish I never helped you concive Lee in the first place”

Ah, angry mean old couples.  They make such a fuss, but you know that deep inside they love each other :3

Back at the house, Lee grew up naked and stinky (when does he not stink)

And not two minutes after it happened, all the adults went on a free vacation, leaving Azazel alone with himself.

Well that certainly ruined Azazel’s plans to run naked through the house and hump the furniture

And of COURSE of all people to convince him to have a party, it would be Bella.  Because she’s a ho like that.

However, Azazel has stupid friends and acquaintances, so his party was probably the tamest teen party in the history of teen parties <_< aside from the fact that Darlene tried desperately to catch fire over there.

“Wait a damn minute, you aren’t a teen!  What the hell are you doing at my party then!”

“Just checking out all the… fine… things going on at this party!  You got a nifty little thing going on in here!  You wouldn’t mind if you… took your shirt off, would you?”


“Oh god, my pedo alert is going off here…”


Arlo: “Oh WOW, this is the most I’m EVER going to get out of a female woman! :D”

Eventually they all started to fade in and out of sleep on the floor, thankfully Pedo Davy was the first one out, because things would have probably gotten pretty awkward fast.

“OMG is he looking up my skirt while I’m sleeping?!  … Please look up my skirt while I’m sleeping…”



The next day, Azazel threw another party just because TEEN FREEDOM WOOO

But it came to a close almost instantly when the message came up that the adults were coming home early.

“You have SUCH a nice house, Azazel!  Here, let me give you a congradulatory handjo-”

“OK my dad just called, you all got to get the fuck out now!  Hurry, I don’t need to be in trouble!”

“I don’t understand!  Why you don’t want my “attention”, Azazel?!”

“Look Bella.  I’m happy we just got done dancing with each other, but how can you think of sex when my parents are coming and will kill all of us NOW OUT”

It was about the time that the adults came back through the door when my game crashed, because it does that after about 3-4 hours of straight gameplay (I guess it’s my computer trying to tell me to get a life)

But I had to start pretty much at the beginning of Azazel’s teen years, aged Lee and Sinbad and Lucy all back up, and since Lee didn’t get a proper graduation last time, I took the time to check that out as well.

What the crap, Lee?  Why are you graduating in the douchebag hat?!  That’s so trashy!

“Why are you so concerned with my hat when clearly the park has been destroyed and sunken into a huge ass hole in an underground sky?!”

Well, I guess that’s true too…

He wasn’t the only one to graduate looking like a total ass.  VJ showed up with the hat as well, probably coming from their shared evil trait or something.

“Maybe I shouldn’t be here right now, I should be in school so I don’t turn out to be such an ass like my big brother.”

Oh shut it, Miraj you little goody toe-shoes.

“YES!  Take THAT, you little piece of paper I sent 12 years on!  I PWN you so HARD now!”

“Ugh, that graduation was so boring, it made me sleepy *sleeps on Lee*”

Azazel: “My family are le stupid”

“Happy graduating son.  Here.  I’ve been saving this graduation present for years now.  It’s the newspaper that came out the day after you were conceived!  Our asses made the front page that day!”

“DAD.  This is present SUCKS.”

“See Sinbad?!  I told you your present idea sucks!  Now you’ve gone and upset our boy!  I told you to go ahead and buy the damn motorcycle but NOOOO, you wanted to save money, you old cooger!”

“Shut up woman, my present is sentimental!”


And finally, Lee had wanted to do couple stuff with VJ since they face-orgied with Mortimer at the theater, so I went ahead and gave him his wish.  After all, he deserved a relationship after spending his life testing the EP for me.

“Oh VJ, your new little hobo look is so cute!  I just feel like a pedophile like this though…”

“Oh that’s just because you are standing on a hill,  Lee, you goofball.”

So here’s where we leave our little Lee, with VJ in the middle of nowhere, watching the stars together.  How much more romantic can it be?

“Ok, so now here’s Lee with that Vajayjay boy again.  I think they are bumping uglies these days, I don’t know.  SMILE FOR THE CAMERA BOYS.  I got to show something to my grandkids, you know, when Azazel finds a woman”


“Hmmm… how give him a little kiss Lee, yeah, that’s hot…”

Some other things I liked about Generations was the upgraded SP.  While going through the daycare career, it seemed that I was almost guaranteed townie children, which even if only for the new career, it’s FRICKING awesome, and a great sign.  Also the customizable age sliders.  Those will make my life SOOO much easier.

Also, even with no Late Night, I still get boobie sliders and muscle sliders!  Yeah!  And even BETTER, most sims that I have downloaded from other people or the exchange, are WORKING.  SOOO HAPPY!  This was totally worth the return of some of the lag and slowness in the texture rendering.  It really was.

So next time, we will go back to the Secksie house, and see how they handle Generations.

So until then, here’s Azazel with a drunk taxi driver.

“*hic* That’ll be ’bout *hic* a thousand bucks *runs over a cat*”

“I knew I should have walked instead.”

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I make sims legacies and update them once every other blood moon :)
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38 Responses to Lucy and Sinbad’s Generation Experimentation: Part III

  1. Gargantua says:

    LOL! Sinbad’s crew have shown us a lot of things in Generations that I haven’t seen in my own game yet. I really need to set my teen to pranking the neighborhood. As it is she sneaks around and booby traps everything in the house in sight. I also haven’t experimented with the video camera yet. Is it easy to use?

    • missmiserie says:

      I’ll be honest, the camera is a little jerky, it’s better to use it with a hand mouse instead of a touch pad, but it will still get away from you <_<

      It makes cute little videos for tv though 😀

  2. “‘However, he came home and got punched in the crotch by his little brother for canceling out his interaction with him.
    “That will teach you to ignore me when I ask you to read me a bedtime story, you ass!””

    Oh my god. I literally had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard at this. I don’t even know what it was in particular, but I could NOT stop laughing! In fact, I just read over the line again and laughed. Amazing XD I also cracked up at the boys showing up for graduation looking like “total asses.” Indeed they did, indeed they did!! lolol. I LOVED THIS.

    I’m also really, really looking forward to seeing how the Seckies handle Generations, hehehe. Should be fun to say the least! =D Aw man, your updates never fail to put me in a good mood =)

  3. Nickey says:

    You made me lol in the library at 9 in the morning for 45 minutes after a night of virtually no sleep. You rock. I’m so falling in love with this family. I WANT MORE. Please??

    • missmiserie says:

      A library open at 9?! Ours doesn’t think about opening until at least 11!

      A chapter for the Secksies will probably tonight or tomarrow, depends on if I’m feeling better <.<

      • Nickey says:

        It’s my university library. It’s open from 7am to 5am. All studying all the time. The hours are shorter on the weekend but it’s open everyday. I’m here cuz my computer broke last week, but I gotta have my Secksies. 🙂

      • missmiserie says:

        Even at our university library, they aren’t even open on weekends! You either got special libraries, or my town just sucks XD

        Sorry to hear about your computer breaking. Hope you get it fixed soon/get a new one soon!

  4. geritwag says:

    I thought my computer was the only one that generations hates! My game is crashing for the first time now; I had to re-do prom in my legacy 3. FRICKING. TIMES. But otherwise it crashes about once every three hours.

    Bella: HANDJOB?!
    Wouldn’t they have to remove their pants for that?
    Or would they just do it in public?

    • missmiserie says:

      I think I was told once it was because it gets low on RAM for an extended period of time or something like that. Still sucks, right?!

      Oh, pants aren’t even a problem if it’s quick XD

      • geritwag says:

        Well, it shouldn’t be low on RAM because my laptop has 4GB of it. I dunno, I think I need a new processor; it’s only 2.1 Ghz.

      • LadyA says:

        Oooh. You may have a game issue I used to run into – I hadn’t thought of it until now. It may a “large address aware” issue. TS3, by default, can’t access more than 2GB of virtual memory, yet the game can draw on more than that during gameplay, causing a crash.

        Here’s the Sims Wiki article about diagnosing and correcting the issue: (If the link doesn’t show, google “Sims large address aware”, and the first link should be the copy of the article on the Mod the Sims site.)

      • missmiserie says:

        I figured that that was something like the problem. Thanks for the link though. I bet this will clear all this crap up :”D

  5. skehrer says:

    OH EM GEE! Bella is a WHORE!!!! What a skank! I loved it.
    Great update! I love that Sinbad leaves the children with a babysitter. Somehow I think the parents may like that idea better.
    I’m so happy to hear you are now having more success with your sim downloads and story progression!!! I can’t wait to see your legacy town become more populated!

    • missmiserie says:

      Pfft, when is she not 😀

      I sure hope SP is fixed. I’d hate to have said OMG IT WORKS SO GUD NOW YAY and it turns out that it’s just a hiccup with Lucy and Sinbad, and back in Secksieland it still sucks D: oh well, WE SHALL SEE |:Y

  6. kittyscarlet says:

    I really enjoy your blog, you’re such a funny writer. Lee and VJ are cute together 🙂 Can’t wait to see the next legacy update!

    • missmiserie says:

      I thought about breeding them, I don’t know yet <_< and there will probably be an update soon because I got a bunch of photos backed up and I don't have a life 😛

  7. klaxonly says:

    Where are Lee and VJ supposed to be graduating from? The Tool Academy?

  8. La Sei says:

    After spending the night with a bad tummy ache & realising that if I don’t get rid of the bug soon I can’t have my friends over for my birthday this Sunday, this has really put me into a good mood :’) Thanks – AND YAY THE SECKSIES ❤

  9. uggles says:

    O m g. You have such a disturbing take on some of these screenshots. I LOVE it! ❤

    Thanks for the link to the Pets trailer excited about that now! Squeee!

  10. I guess he figured to get a girl named Bella you had to stalk her, and watch her sleep. After all that’s how it works in the books right? Obviously that’s what every girl wants. A crazy stalker, who loves her enough to break into her house, into her room even, and do god knows what while she sleeps? I mean it’s not like books can lie right? 😉
    Yay, you got the awesome crown and picture too!

    • missmiserie says:

      Nothing sexier about a man that breaks into your house and watches you sleep. I mean, if I woke up to man sitting next to my bed watching me, I’d jump all over that XD

  11. Del says:

    X’D The punch in the crotch and Bella’s handjobs were priceless. I’m liking Generations, but my sims don’t have any children yet so I haven’t really got to try it out. I should’ve done what you did, but I couldn’t be bothered to make a whole new neighbourhood. 😛

  12. Oh, man! That’s HILARIOUS! I cannot wait until when you introduce the Secksie’s to Generations! xD

    Love it! 😀

    • missmiserie says:

      Thanks! I think you commented at the same time I uploaded a Secksie chapter too XD

      Awesome! I’m a fan of rainyopal’s villainy legacy, I’ll keep an eye on yours too!

  13. Madcapp says:


    *breathes* Ok sorry.

    Awwww Lee and VJ are so CUTE! ❤ I love the romantic star gazing. I need to get this expansion!

  14. kemalifan says:

    Hhahaha, Bitchy Bella with her dirty hands! 😀
    That’s really make me LOL 😀

  15. SimBlip says:

    I’ve been reading this blog for a while and just had to let you know that it’s GREAT! 🙂
    One question… Are your rednecks ever going to marry a coloured Sim?

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