Lucy and Sinbad’s Generation Experimentation: Part II

Time for the second part of Sinbad and Lucy’s little journey into discovering what they can do with the new EP Generations.  Last time, Sinbad had a cool little bachelor party, they had the wedding at the beach, and now we come back to Sinbad showing us a new way to put out a fire, by furiously kicking it out.

Oh wait, no, that’s just him catching fire.

“PLEASE!  Save me Mr. Fireman, I can’t die like this, I have so much to live for!”

“Ok, but you got to let go of me, I can’t save you if you cling to me and set me on fire too!”

“I so scared 😦 is the big bad fire gone?”

“Sir?  Please, don’t stand under me, and let go of my coat so that I can do my job!”

In the end, Lucy saved Sinbad’s ass, literally, and DON’T ASK why Lee is in a princess dress.  I was experimenting with all of the costumes and the fire started at a really bad time <_<


WHAT did that military school do to my son?!”

Eventually, Lucy got a job in fashion just so I could spread the love of EA’s new outfits around town.  So far, I’m REALLY digging Leighton’s new look most of all.

“Wow, he looks nothing like the emo brady bunch guy from five seconds earlier!”

“YES!  Now I truly look like how I truly feel!”

Um, flirty from where you were slurping all over Hank’s face in the waiting room?

Speaking of Hank:

“Wow, I’m really hairy now.  Hairy like monkey man.  I don’t know what Agnes Yumi Pauline is going to think of all this.”

“I’ll tell you what I do think, sir.  I find NO joy in this job.”

It true, two days in and Lucy kept wanting to either quit or skip.  So I let her have her way.

Meanwhile, Lee was having a cute little slumber party at home.  He invited some neighborhood boys and they stayed in the living room, under the cozy fire, before swapping stories about girls and falling asleep.

Lee not so much.

With no room in his own living room, Lee was forced to sleep on the porch for some reason.

I wonder if he remembers that he HAS a bedroom he could have just gone to.

The next morning was his little birthday.  Way to look enthused, Lee.

“All these teen hormones running through me have me very depressed and lacking any want for connection outside of my inbox on my phone and mainscreen on my Xbox…”

“OH SCREW THAT, time for me to find some BITCHES YEAH BOI”

Lee post-Generation makeover.

His new trait is rebellious, which sounds like it’s going to be a LOT of fun.

“Lee, leave that dangerous thing alone!  You don’t know what that thing does!”

“I KNOW what I’m doing, MOM.  Stop worrying about me and leave me alone, I got this shit!”

“BUT, what if you catch fire and die, then I wouldn’t know what I would do with myself, son!”

Oh Lucy, Lee won’t catch fire with the potion table!  …Right?

*installs emergency shower just in case*

Lucy got a new makeover too, and I think this is my favorite top in Generations.

And here’s Sinbad in his new top, just being Sinbad.

Oh DANG, well, at least you didn’t die, right Lee?

“Fuck off, this hurts.”

“Ok son, now the first thing you should know about driving a car is that while you are driving in your mother’s new car, DO NOT damage this thing.  Because I WILL tell her I had nothing to do with this and that you stole it.”

“Why can’t I just learn in your car then?”

“You think you are going to go around driving MY new car, you’re out of your damn mind, boy!”

Watching Lee learn to drive was more fun than it looks in the pictures, I promise.

*The sound of Sinbad stomping on the passenger-side floorboard*

*The sound of Sinbad’s muffled frantic screaming*

Molly, Sinbad, Lee, and River were all hospitalized that night and they say it was the worst car accident in the history of Sunset, even worse than the accident that involved a fisherman running over an abandoned hispanic child a few years ago just a couple of towns over.


Sinbad started the new daycare career

Well who do you think I was going to let open a daycare?!  Lucy hates kids!

“Are you sure I’m still getting paid for this, Mr. Rotter?”

“Oh sure sure, just don’t fling me off.”

I’m quite sure, if I recall, but I don’t think the babysitter is supposed to be doing that… but that’s just me.

“Don’t worry about the little asian boy, my pregnant wife’s got that under control.  Besides, she’s a woman, she’s supposed to be good with kids.”

“Oh, she’s pregnant?  I just thought that she needed to workout or something.”


I find it so like Lucy to run around in the old maternity wear dispite the fact that she had a new pregnancy shirt.  Sometimes I forget she’s insane.

What’s going on, an egg?!

Oh, Lee’s pranking the French and McIrish’s house.  Jeez Lee, you kill Molly and maim River, now you insult them by vandalizing their house?

“Well the doctor’s told me to build strength back up in my arm after they sewed it back on, I figured this was the best way to do that!  *crushes eggs in fist* oh dammit, and I was going to throw those at the Clavells later!”

“I AM UNSTOPPABL-oh shit.”


*One cop car ride later*


“Whoa mom, I didn’t think that’s what I was going to get in trouble for…”

“OH, first you egg the McIrish woman’s house, THEN you break all the textures in the house, and NOW I find that you buried the remains of my car in the sandbox in the backyard LIKE I WASN’T GOING TO FIND OUT!  You are GROUNDED for TWO DAYS, Lee!  I KNEW I should have left you on that bench when you were a baby!”

First time I’ve seen someone get grounded.  Poor Lee.

“Psst, hey son, you aren’t grounded, I’m letting you go.  Your mother’s just over emotional because she’s fat and hasn’t bathed in two days.”

“And with that, SOMEONE’s sleeping on the couch for two days as well D:<”

Is it just me or did the stink clouds get an upgrade with the new EP as well?

Teen room upgrade 😀

I guess if he still was grounded, Lee wouldn’t have minded being grounded in a room with awesome stuff like this!

The next day was Lee’s first field trip, which was for some reason chaperoned by Morgana.

“Isn’t that that River girl?  I thought I killed her.”

“Lol I don’t work here nor do I have kids”

“Awesome, a field trip with just hot chicks OH SHIT AWKWARD TIME FOR PUBERTY”

“Yeah, because that’s very manly…”

“Entertained Bebe is entertained!”

Meanwhile at the house:


Just get back to your job, stupid Jared-wannabe.

Actually, Lucy went into labor and had Azazel, named after the best character in the X-Men First Class movie I was invited to go see the other day.  I mean, Magneto was pretty neat too, and his actor also did Logan’s voice in Fable III, but Azazel was kickass.

/nerd rant

After his birth, Lucy took Azazel to the park to show off to the other townies that her two hour old baby is intelligent enough to sit up in a stroller and actually give me a reason to like sims 3 babies again.

And then Yumi ran them over with her car and they both died, THE END

Azazel: “COME AT ME BRO”

Why is this family so unlucky with cars?!

“Ok so we are at the park today, Lee’s making friends with the neighborhood boys, SMILE FOR THE CAMERA LEE!  And uh, this is that muslim boy-”


“What’s his name? Vajayjay?  I don’t know, SMILE FOR THE CAMERA VAJAYJAY”

“Lee do something with your dad and his camera before I SHOVE IT UP HIS ASS”

Lee: *ignores his dad out of embarrassment*

Aw, back at home Lucy demonstrates that you can also read the toddlers to sleep, that’s so cute.


“NUH UH, don’t start crying while mommy’s reading to you!  Shut up so I can finish this and go to sleep!”

Now that I think of it, I think I had a babysitter like Lucy once…

“What the hell is all of this… PINK STUFF?!  What the-I’M GOING TO KILL THAT BOY!  WHERE THE HELL IS LEE?!

Lol, Lee ran off to the park with Azazel not two seconds after he left that booby trap for his dad, where he pretty much stayed until the heat cleared.

“Check me out!  I’m the best big brother in the entire world!”

“Yay!  Wee is da best big bwuhtha’ eva!”

“Ok now little guy, I’m gonna go take a piss, you stay here and I’ll be right back.”




Actually, Lee ran over to the McIrish’s again and prank called Fiona.

“Hi this is your doctor from the clinic, I’m calling to tell River about her results from her STD test?”

The other end of the line: *loud screaming, door banging, things breaking*

You are such an asshole, Lee.


Sinbad is JIM CARREY

Um, Sinbad?

“What, it wasn’t me, it was LEE, I’m going to KILL him when I find him!”

No it wasn’t, I watched you drive your car through the park!

“…My car has been stolen *hides*”

Meanwhile, Azazel grows up and get’s a Gen makeover, but I colored his clothes too black in case you can’t tell.

Blasted graphics.



“Ok, soooo, I know I picked on you in school, and killed your mom’s friend and put you in the hospital, and targeted your house for the past few years and made you the laughing stock amongst the other teens in town, buuuut… I did it to cover up my raging male feelings for you aaaaand… the prom is coming up and I was wondering, River… do you want to go with me?”

“Um, I grew up last night, I’m over all that high school stuff now.”

“Oh… but you aren’t that much older, I can get the school to check you out, and I’m sure you can come-”

“OVER all of it, Lee.”

Lee, a little hurt by River’s rejection and recent 21st birthday, spent the night throwing eggs at their house because their porch sucks when it comes to putting a flaming bag of poo on it.

“This is what River gets for breaking my heart into a thousand tiny pieces, just like these egg shells );<”

Fiona: *ignores and walks through the door undeterred*

So I guess there is one more installation of my experiment with Generations before we go back to our regularly scheduled legacy so next time, will Lee get a date in time for prom?  Or go alone?

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I make sims legacies and update them once every other blood moon :)
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29 Responses to Lucy and Sinbad’s Generation Experimentation: Part II

  1. GeritWag says:

    THE CLAW!!!! I think that interaction would be better if he stabbed the baby with a claw or something, but that’s just me.

  2. klaxonly says:


  3. kittyscarlet says:

    I really love your posts, they are so funny. Azazel is cute. I adore the stuff in generations.

  4. Tree says:

    WAIT, WAIT, HOOOOOOOOLD UP!!! MICHAEL FASSBENDER (ha ha I typed gassbender on accident lololol) PLAYS MAGNETO?!?!?!?!?!

    Azazel is cute! I especially love watching Lucy parent because she hates kids so much… haaa.

  5. skehrer says:

    Donbas running a daycare is CLASSIC! Not sir I would trust him with my kids, but I’m not a sim. Aaaand the sims of Sunset Valley don’t know what happened to Lee v1.0. Come to think of it no one does. O.o

  6. klaxonly says:

    Donbas. Oh God. xD

  7. Malin says:

    One question: How do you dress up in costumes? I never figured that out! *fail*

    Anyway, I think Lee should go to prom. Maybe he’ll get a spontaneous romantic interest from out of somewhere? 😉

    Also, I figured out early this morning that, how do I put this so it’s easy to understand?… Anyway, you can ask future in-laws for their child’s hand! I haven’t tried it yet, but I suppose it ain’t something special in terms of interaction. It’s still cute though. :3

  8. gingerninjas says:

    Wow. I just saw your legacy today. It’s great I love it it’s hilarious! Anyways would you check out my legacy? I just started. It’s a ginger uglacy. All the heirs and heiress’ must be gingers.

  9. “Ok so we are at the park today, Lee’s making friends with the neighborhood boys, SMILE FOR THE CAMERA LEE! And uh, this is that muslim boy-”


    “What’s his name? Vajayjay? I don’t know, SMILE FOR THE CAMERA VAJAYJAY”

    “Lee do something with your dad and his camera before I SHOVE IT UP HIS ASS”

    Lee: *ignores his dad out of embarrassment*

    I was laughing so hard my mom had to come in and see if I was still breathing! XD
    The dance will be funny, I can tell!

  10. scarlettsheet says:

    I was just wondering how you applyed for the daycare job! I’ve been looking for it for AGES! And that pic of Azazel in front of the car is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time!

  11. uggles says:

    Oh my god.. a Sinbad daycare. There’s NO way that could go horribly wrong. 😉

  12. skehrer says:

    I stumbled upon this find:
    She has open coolors with beer in them! I figured if yo end up having a teen party you might take a look at them.
    I’m trying to find some Dos Equis and cigars. I’ve made “The Most Interesting Man in the World” and he needs props.

    • missmiserie says:

      YES, YES, I WANT

      You are always finding such awesome things! This will be so neat in my game! And good luck finding those things. I’m sure there are cigars out there somewhere 😉

      • skehrer says:

        I go on cc downloading binges during my kids’ nap. I have to hide my addiction from my husband like a crack addict or he makes fun of me for downloading “more crap”. He makes fun of me anyway b/c I talk about my legacy like they’re actual people… I refuse to accept that I have a problem!

      • missmiserie says:

        I wish I could go on downloading binges. This whole “I like this but I don’t like that” thing my computer does really is discouraging me v_v

  13. Man you tried out a lot already! I only really played around with the teen stuff. Stan ended up getting asked to prom by his Uncle Anders. It was creepy

  14. Madcapp says:

    The learning to drive part had me laughing out loud. Luckily my fiance was busy and I didn’t disturb him for once with it. LoL He usually hears me and then I have to try and explain… and it’s just not the same without pictures.

    And then I read Vajayjay…. *dies of laughter*
    The camera looks awesome! I want Generations… except I’m so scared it will crash and burn my game forevermore! It’s fun to see the stuff though. I’m glad you posted this experiment. 😀

  15. liezemies says:

    This was so funny. Sinbad running a daycare almost had me in tears from laughing. And then Lucy, the child lover can do all the work. Love Lucy as well. Never knew that before reading your legacy…

  16. SimBlip says:

    Loved this update so much! I think you are brilliant… and your no sense of humour is brilliant too. 🙂

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