Lucy and Sinbad’s Generation Experimentation: Part I

So like many sim players, I got my hands on a copy of Generations


At first I played my legacy for a little bit, then decided that I really wanted to focus more on the new EP than anything else, and started a test game with a different family.  Besides, I’ve been meaning to play with these guys for a while now <_<

First off, the new houses that came with Generations impressed me so much, that I stuck them all over the place in a Sunset Valley.  This one is my favorite though.  Simple and easily upgradable, but cute and full of Generation stuff.

Anyway, here’s the family that I’ve chosen as my Gen guinea pigs…

“What the hell is going on, and what is all of this?!”

“Lucy?!  Is that you?  Aren’t you supposed to be dead?”

Yes well, nothing like pre-made personal favorites to test the waters of a new EP lol I’m just not creative.

However, they also come with a little CAS sim that I’ve been meaning to get around to making for a while now…



“Actually, you and I both know that I am not the original, nor will I ever be the sim you want me to be”


Out of habit, I randomly rolled his traits, yet he still got his parent’s evilness, and his father’s kleptomania.  I guess the apple can’t fall far from the Rotter tree.  He also has a good sense of humor.

“Hey, how many dead babies does it take to paint a barn?”

… Ok, so it’s an evil sense of humor anyway.

So yeah, he’s the CAS-bred version of Lee, he’s just here to test Gen anyway, so let’s get this show moving.  You’ve met the test subjects, now let’s follow them around and watch them do Generation stuff!

The VERY FIRST THING that Sinbad wanted to do, was play hopscotch.

Real manly, Sinbad.

“Oh bite me, I’m the national hopscotch champion, and I’ll play if I damn well please!”


“Oh why does she have to say such mean things to me? :(”

She might be right, you know.

Meanwhile, Lee has found my playground upgrade to the park.

“Yay, I’m still not too old for the spring toy rides!”

Toy Horse: *squeaks and creaks with pain*

“DAMMIT, this game SUCKS, how the hell did you trick me into playing this crap, Sinbad?!”

“You aren’t playing right, Lucy, you just got to keep your foot off the square with the marker on it-”

“You just suck, you know that?!  How did I EVER agree to even BREED with you in the first place?!”

Now now, play nice, children.

“O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?  Deny thy father and refuse thy name, or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, and I’ll no longer be a Rotter.”

…I see Lee has moved on to the tree house, and um…  where is his father anyway?

“Yo, turd-burglette!  Come on, we are going home now, I’m done with hopscotch.  Don’t make me come up there and push you out.  Because I will, you know.”

“Screw off, old man, this is my response!”


“…Exactly who would have a child with that man?!”

Back at the house, they started to settle into their rooms for the night.

“Ok, what the hell is all this?!”

Your new roo- oh, let me fix that…

“Humph, I guess it’s livable now.”

I just love the new patterns.  LOVE THEM 😀

Soon after, Sinbad sent Lee to Military school.  BECAUSE IT WAS AN OPTION

I find it interesting that the EP that revolves around the life stages can send away two whole stages of them so you don’t even have to take care of them.  And they skill while they are gone?!  I’m shipping SO MANY CHILDREN AWAY

While Lee was gone, I found the time to focus on Lucy’s and Sinbad’s relationship.

Lucy’s thoughts: Amy Bull can totally kiss my ass now…

“You see that douche sitting behind us right now?”


Puuuussy whiiiiipped!

“I know right!”

“You two know I can hear you, right? :(”

“Oh Sinbad!  Where did you get these beautiful roses from?!”

“I ripped them out of that pansy Geoffrey’s garden when I went to his house today and forced his kid to be friends with our Lee”

“Oh Sinbad, that was so thoughtful of you, I will treasure them forever!”

I see the date is going good…

“Oh Lucy!  Our date is going so great tonight, I want to ask you something.  Will you marry me and all that relationship bla?”

“Oh Sinbad!  Did you steal this from the Landgraabs too?!”

“Right out of Nancy’s bedside table.”

“Oh, then I WILL marry you, you wonderful man!”

I then spent the following day making Sinbad go out and meet people so that he could have his out little bachelor party that night.

Lucy was sent away (she was going to have a bachlorette party, but apparently you can’t have two parties at once 😦 that sucks)

Not two seconds after I find Lucy arguing with someone by the local pool or whatever, I come back to find someone let Christopher Steel in, and he brought the booze.

“NOW IT’S A PARTY *chokes*”

“I have to say, Mr.  Rotter… your party sucks so far.”


Jeez, thanks Stiles you bum, you only just got here and you complain to Sinbad, why can’t you be more like Christopher?


I don’t know why Christopher has to spray everyone that walks into the house with his nectar

Meanwhile, I find a maid upstairs stealing stuff from Lee’s room?

Oh wait

“DUDE, you got a STRIPPER?!  Damn, you really ARE an awesome dude, Sinbad!”

“But why does she have to be in my SON’s room?!  Can’t we take it back downstairs where the party is?!  Not where my little boy sleeps, please!”

*two minutes later*


Wow, didn’t take Sinbad that long for Christopher’s nectar to kick in, did it?!

“Liven up, you old sourpuss, join the celebration!  Get drunk, dance with the stripper!”

“Haha, noooo”

About the same time the party started really livening up, I get this message about how Lee can’t handle military school.  The little pansy.

FINE.  He can come home.


“And who’s the half-dressed maid chick dancing with you?!  Does mom even know she’s here?!”

Sinbad: *ignores*

“Fiiiine, I’ll read you a bedtime story if you go to sleep, mmk Lee?  How about the tale of the rich chick that cheated on her husband in an alien-Don Lothario orgy!”

“Ooh, are we on the chapter where Dina buries her under the porch after crushing her skull in with the telescope that was used to call the aliens?!”

Now, I don’t remember all of that being part of the story.  Much less something read to children at night.

This would be an endearing moment you get to spend with your son, Sinbad.  You know, if your bachlor party still wasn’t happening IN HIS BEDROOM AT FOUR IN THE MORNING

“And so then little Bella walked onto the balcony, and lo and behold, there stood Dina, clutching the telescope-”


“Daddy, when are all the drunk people going to go away?”

“When I’m passed out son.  When I’m good and passed out.”


I wonder why.

“You aren’t drunk enough Xander, LET ME HELP YOU”

Sinbad, this is in no way promoting anything from Generations!


And he was the closest thing you had to a friend 😦

The next day was the wedding, and Lucy was dressed up in a cute little dress with the veil/hat thing and GO AWAY MILTON THE PARTY WAS LAST NIGHT

“Can’t, I’m still so waaaaaasted”

Sinbad on the other hand wore the tux that came with Genera- Sinbad?  What the hell?

“What?  I won it, I got the right to wear it if I want.”

If by won, you mean you beat the hell out of Gunther then stole it from him…

“Yeah.  I WON it.  I don’t see what you are so bitchy about!”

“I can’t wait for the wedding today, I WANT TO BE A BLUSHING BRIDE TOO”

Who invited the stripper from the party?

“Oh nice, we can finally use chairs at weddings now!”


“What, I’m just ‘making it better’!”

“It’s a party over here forever maaaaan

Ok, I want to do the wedding now, YOU, STRIPPER, get the hell out of the way, I want to use the wedding arch now!

“Noooo, I want to be fit and beautiful when it is my turn for true happiness!”

I should have locked you in the basement when I had the chance.

“Aw, don’t be down Lee!  Your parents are getting married!  What’s the matter?”

“My dad yelled at me for putting whoopie cushions in the seats!  I’m having a time out, and he wants to yell at me again, because I used more than one cushion, and I can’t cancel this out…”

True, a whole hour was wasted because Sinbad just stood there with his thumb up his butt waiting for Lee to get out of time out, while Lucy was waiting on him at the alter.

But I think it was soooo worth it.

“What?! I swear, it was the chair, not me!”

“Yeah, sure it was…”

“Dude, I’m serious, for once, that didn’t come out of me!”

“Oh Lucy, I promise to protect you and love you through thick and thin, no matter how much our son annoys me to the point where he’s no longer my son, just yours”

“HEY, I need attention, over here guys!  It’s me, your son Lee!  PAY ATTENTION GUYS”

“Bwahahaha!  I am the worst son ever, ruining your wedding photos with pointless thought bubbles!  Fear my wrath!”

Yeah yeah, keep this up and next time you STAY at Military School.

“Oh, what a beautiful wedding, isn’t it, my dear Nancy?  It just fills my heart with joy to watch just a wonderful young couple have such a wonderful moment…”

“WAAAH, why couldn’t YOU be more romantic like that, Geoffery, you pansy!  My wedding sucked, I wish I had a nice ring like SHE does instead of the crappy one you got at our courthouse wedding!”

“Um, honey?  That IS the ring I got you I think…”

“I, the beautiful and delicate, blushing bride, shall now cut this lovely cake that was so perfectly crafted just for this wonderful occasion!”

*stab stab stab shank*

“YEAH!  That’s my girl, Lucy, you SHOW that cake’s who’s the boss!”

I swear, these two really were made for each other.

The party ended when Lucy passed out after cutting the cake, and gave the guests more than they wanted to see.

“Ugh, everyone can see up my mama’s skirt.”

So that’s it for this chapter!  I may or may not have taken too many photos of these guys, Generations really is a neat EP!

Next time, Lee should grow up, and Sinbad does stuff, and Lucy might still be around, I don’t know yet, I’m going to play a CRAPTON tomarrow, YAY ALL MY FREE TIME

So until then, here’s Sinbad being mentally seven again.

“Yay!  This is so much fun and reminds me of the time I did this when I was little, only this time I won’t rip my chest open on a stump that’s under the sliding board”

Ugh, I know that feeling…

“Oh wee!  Dad was right, this is a ton of fun!”

Jeez Lee, don’t complain when playing in the water with your clothes on at three in the morning doesn’t make you sick.

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23 Responses to Lucy and Sinbad’s Generation Experimentation: Part I

  1. skehrer says:

    I love Generations too!!!
    Great post. I love seeing the live Sinbad and Lucy could have led together as a happy/evil couple. I really love that proposal! And for finally having Lee around!
    The Testys children were married and I forgot to have any bachelor parties. I disappoint myself. 😦

  2. rainyopal says:

    Nice! I love Sinbad and Lucy!

    I have yet to try any of the finer aspects of Generations yet. My Legacy teens threw a teen party that ended up getting so out of hand that my game crashed. 😦

    That’s awesome that kids can skill when they’re away at school. Also, great idea updating all the parks!

  3. Malin says:

    When I had a bachelor party for my test family there were two strippers! They looked like magicians sort of.

    I never thought that whoopie cushions where available. Gotta try that. In Sweden we say “pruttkudde”, basically meaning “fart pillow”. Sounds way more fun. ;D

    Oh, and Lee! Devilishly cute.

    • missmiserie says:

      I saw that, that looks so awesome! They looked more responsible than my crazy stripper <_< trotting her happy ass up to Lee's room and ruining the sanctity of that child's innocence…

      whoopie cushions are the best. Of course, best to do it when parents aren't around, especially parents like Lucy and Sinbad, who love to ground and time out their kids D:

  4. Tree says:

    Awwwwwwwwww I want Generationsssssssss /whine 😥

    I love Sinbad. He’s like I’M EVIL AND BADASS HURHUR DERP but then at the end of the day he’s like WELP, time to go watch tv! *turns on Twilight* hahahahah he’s become my new favorite Sim. AND I HAVE YOU TO THANK FOR THAT! 8D

    p.s. creepy question, are you on deviantart? I feel like I’ve seen your icon somewhere before… o_O

  5. Rayne says:

    You’re making me so jealous!!! I got Generations, got to play for two days, and then had to leave for a MONTH!! And I have a desktop…so no Generations for me until early July. D: I’m gonna go cry now and stare at the pretty pictures that are making me so jealous.. ;~;

  6. uggles says:

    Haha this is awesome! I love it! The pics of Lee’s room with the bachelor party going on in the background are hilarious!

  7. Yay more Lucy love! Generations is so much fun =D

  8. selahgio says:

    I love Generations too :3 I think its the best Ep so far in my opinion :3!

  9. Maggie-Erelanna says:

    AAAAH!! I married Christopher Steel into my legacy (it’s the first i’ve ever done, and the firstborn baby is all glitchy, so i’m abandoning it for awhile to make test babies with other families so i can hopefully figure out and therefore repair the baby glitch), and his wife is the founder, so if i ever get my hands on generations, i’m gonna hope he doesn’t spray Christine with nectar, and i’m REALLY gonna hope he doesn’t spray little baby Bryn with it!!

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