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An Interrupted Affair

Did anyone not survive the rapture?  No, everyone is still here then?  Oh goody then, we will all be sinners together and stay on earth! YAY “Yall got any specials today?” “No, everything you see here is a solid $14 … Continue reading

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A Rotting Rotter Reunion

“Waaah Roman, why’d we git relocatud’ to uh new town, I liked just standin’ round in Twinbrook nawt havin’ to do anything” “Bitch, stop ur moanin’, tryin’a sext my bitch n’ ur kinda ruinin’ it fur me.” …Ok then. So … Continue reading

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Smooth Move EA

I usually don’t update things that happen to me in real life, but this was too good to pass up. The other day, my roommate got inspired to order a copy of The Sims Medieval (I am such a bad influence).  Bla … Continue reading

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Trashin’ Up Sunset

Last time, in case you couldn’t tell where I the legacy is now, the Secksies were forced to move to Sunset Valley due to glitches and other fun stuff that makes me want to burn things. “I hate this place.” … Continue reading

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The Glitch That Killed Twinbrook

Alright ladies and germs, we got some serious shit goin’ down in this chapter! Ok, maybe not really.  I thought it was pretty important though.  I don’t know. First off, we start with… Virginia wanting to sex up a maid … Continue reading

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The Very Secksie American Special

So unless you live under a rock, or Canada (just kidding Canada, I love Canada.  You have nice waterfalls and moose.) then you have heard about the death of Osama Bin Laden.  This is a really big deal in America, … Continue reading

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Cigarette Kisses

So, how about all them cicadas, guys? Am I the only one excited for brood XIX?!  I haven’t had this much fun since 1998!  Throwing the larva skins at people who don’t like bugs, taking care of crippled ones, trying … Continue reading

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