Talking to Dad

“Oh wow!  I didn’t know that sims could style other sims on freewill like ur doin’, Nascar!”

“Naw, that’s just ‘cus I’m awesum’ like that.”

I also didn’t know that you could upgrade the wardrobe mirror… with a wrench.

“Naw, I’m purdy sure that’s still just my awesome self, now stop neglectin’ me like yew’ve been doin’ lately.”

Sure sure.  And I’ve also just now noticed that Nascar’s arm is coming out of his neck.  The crashes haven’t been kind to you, Nascar.

Last time, the triplets grew into teenagers, and I guess I don’t hate them as much as I used to.  They still piss me off a lot though.

“Oh mah gaw, I can’t go take a bath now!  The swaump grass is in mah way!”

That is the WORST excuse I’ve heard ever, Dammy.  Get your lazy ass in the bathroom NOW.

“Dang baby, you lookin’ fine.  Look at my ripplin’ muscles, I know I can lift yew up toots.”

“The bed’s makin’ a pass at me!”

Pfft, you know you like the attention it’s giving you, Dammy.

“Wut ’bout me?”

Yeah yeah, R.P.  He brought back Leroy’s mullet and Jared’s pornstache.

I really have nothing else to say about them.

“Can ya believe her, Vurginyuh?  Dixie just… just up n’ insulted me like that!  I just don’t know where we went wrong.  It really hurt fur her to talk to me like that!”

“Oh Darr’ll.  She’s jus’ a growin’ gurl, she’s gawt’ all dem’ hormones n’ stuff goin’ on, she prolly was jus’ upset n’ lashed out.  Bet she didn’t even mean it.  I know she still loves yew n’ all, she’s just goin’ through a really hard time.”

“But Vurginyuh!  Yew weren’t out there wen she said wut she said!  Yew didn’t hear the words that came outta this child’s mouth!  I mean, I know I ain’t her daddy, but she’s my dawghtur!  It really hurt, yew know?”

“Oh, Darr’ll, babe, just stop worryin’ so much ’bout this!  She’s a teen!  She’s prolly gonna rebel like this fur a while!  Yew were a kid once too yew know, yew went though that same phase once too!”

“Yeah… I guess ur right babe.”

“Now that’ ur all bettur babe, how ’bout we play a lil game of… Twistur.”

“Oh babe, yew know wutta man wants, don’t cha!”


“REALLY, guys?!  I’m out heer paintin’ yew know!!”

However, even after his happy little romp with his adoring wife, Darrell seemed to keep having nightmares replaying that moment in the yard with Dixie.  I still feel a little sorry for him D:

“Daaang, she’s so cute and so my type…”

“Oh lawd, Dale that creepy-ass busdriver keeps checkin’ me out… GAWT AN EYE PROBLEM MISTUR?!”


Dixie’s hat: “Oh shit, just stay quiet and pretend we didn’t get on the bus.”

Meanwhile SOMEONE didn’t get on the bus because it took him an hour to get dressed, the lazy fuck.

“My mommy’s my only friend ‘cus she loves me.”

“Oh hell, yew really are a bitchy loser, ain’t cha?!”

“Daaang, ur just so cute, I can’t wait ’til yew get older so I can tap that”

“NO Bianca, stay away frum that loser pervert!  I’m comin’ to save yew sis!”

“Ow, I’m tellin’ one of mah step daddy’s that yew punched me in the face with a mood changer!”

“Wutever, yew didn’t even like me anyway…”

Meanwhile after school Dixie went to the park because of some wish to fish, and then didn’t even fish.  Go figure.

“Can’t believe he tried to ground me, it’s so stupid and nawt fair… can’t wait til’ I grow up and start livin’ by my own rules…”

“Hey there cutie pie, lookin’ lil lonely out heer… I think yew luk like yew could use a lil’ company…”

“Wait a minute, don’t I know yew?”

“OH SHIT, Dixie?!  Is that yew?”

“Didn’t think I’d run into my birth fathur at the beach today…”

“Sorry bout that, I didn’t recognize yew with that… hat…”

“Everyone seems to say that…”

“So, how’d yew know I was Dixie?”

“Eh, I keep findin’ ur lil’ fotos in the newspaper, yew bein’ such a genius n’ yew keep comin’ up on the front page with ur school achievements, yew on the front wid’ur mama that time wen ur triplet siblin’s were born, I’ve been keepin’ track.  How’d yew know I was ur dad?”

“I guess I could say the same thing.  Ur foto in the paper, like the time grammpa blew up ur store, yew stealin’ the railin’s off the bridges a couple years back, I wus keepin’ track too.”

“Listen, I don’t know wut to say bout me, yew know, nawt bein’ there fur yew… I jus’ wasn’t ready to be a dad.  Can’t say I really loved ur mothur, and with my track record, I’m sure yew wouldn’t have wanted me to be there wid’ya anyway.”

“Don’t worry bout all that.   I always told myself that if I ever saw yew in person, I would git really mad n’ stuff.  I just… I don’t know, I just don’t feel mad right now…”

Then they pretty much spent the next three hours catching up and becoming quick friends.

“Then he grounded me!  N’ that’s were I’m supposed to be right now!”

“Oh dang gurl, I guess yew get that frum me, amirite?!”

“I’m so foxy fine that I don’t need to change in no stupid workout outfit!  Fuuuck yeah”

“I think I’ll jus’ wait an hour til I change in MY workout outfit, k thx”

“I just wanna… be as hot as my… oldur brothur…”

“Oh hell, my clothes dissappeared.  Oh well, I’m sexy either way”


“Hey there, Jay’s dad!  I wus visitin’ to see if ur son wus home, but he never seems to come home befur curfew, ever… I was kinda wondrin’ if yall’ve seen r’ heard from him today?”

“Oh Jay?  That’s my son!  Why, I remember when he was born… He was only four pounds and he was just this small.  I remember when me and Pauline brought him home for the first time, and I brought him to the back porch here to get a better look at him in a better light… then I dropped him off the side of the porch into the lake over there.

The first time it happened I managed to convince Pauline it was an accident, but after the third or so time I did it I figured I had to stop because she was just getting suspicious.”

“…That’s nawt wut I asked, and I really don’t think I wanted to know that…”

“Please tell me ur wearin’ pants in my cop car, aren’t ‘cha?”

“Bitch please, I’m Dale SECK-ZAY, I ain’t gotta wear no pants if I wanna.”

“Oh,  Darr’ll’s kid huh…”

“Why do I have to sit in the back seat?!  It’s nawt fair!”

“Cus ur fat ‘n yew’ll stretch the leather uh’polstry I have in the front seat!  Now shut up back there!”


Wow, busy night I see.

“Ah, so since I got heer furst, I don’t get in trouble!  I’m a genius!”

Probably not, Dixie, since Darrell might just still be upset with yew.

“Hey Dixie.  Yew might if I sit wid’ja fur a lil bit?”

“Sure mama!  It’s a lovely mawnin’ to come sit out on the back porch anyway, I don’t mind at all!”

“Honey, I wanna talk to yew ’bout ur papa.  I’m sure yew felt really angry at him fur tryina’ ground yew n’ all, and I know ur a gurl, n’ ur gonna break curfew a few times anyway.  But yew really hurt Darr’ll wid wut yew said to him the other night.  Yew know ur papa’s a big softie ‘n his feelin’s are easily hurt.  Don’t yew think that maybe yew should talk to him bout this whole thing?”

“Yeah, I guess I should… I know wut I said was mean, n’ I regretted it latur, but I didn’t think he’d take it as hard as he has…  I really am sorry yew know.”

“That’s gud to hear, Dixie.  I knew that yew didn’t mean it.”

“I’ll talk to ‘im ’bout it latur.”

“Ok.  So… where’d yew go aftur school yesturday?  Yew definitely weren’t heer bein’ grounded yesturday, I know that fur a fact.”

“I went to the beach to think, that’s all really.  I wus gonna come straight home aftur a lil while… but uh… mama, I met dad at the beach.  My… real dad…”

“Oh… Oh gawd, Dixie…”

“I know, I know.  But it wus strange mama, we ended up bondin’ n’ all, and I really like him.”

“DIXIE!  Oh gawd… don’t tell ur pa… Darr’ll bout this!  He’ll just die!”

“I have‘ta mama!  I know Sheldon shouldn’t have been given a second chance, but I gave it to him, and we’re friends.  And Darr’ll needs to know, besides, I invited him to my burthday party next week.”

“… Yew know wut, I’m jus’ gonna go.  I don’t wanna hear anymore of this.”

“Wutever mama, don’t listen if yew don’t wanna, be that way then.”

Virginia quickly went to drown out what her daughter just told her with some waffles.

“Hey Dale, doin’ homework in heer I see?”

“Naw mama, don’t call me Dale anymore, the name’s Fo-Twenny, ya dig?”

“…Please tell me yew don’t know what the meanin’ of that word is…”

“Damn school is hard.  Yall guys wouldn’t happen to know the answur to numbuh one, would yall?”

Are yew really asking the flies about homework?

“Why nawt, figgured since they’re always wid’ me they’d know the answurs too…”
Meet Authur York, the new repairman.

“I just love my fuckin’ job SO MUCH”

Good, fix the damn sink already.

“Yew kiddin’ me?!  Yew see how fuckin’ discustin’ this sink is?  I ain’t touchin’ it!”

Dude, you already fixed it.  Why are you still standing in front of it complaining about it, idiot.


“Papa, did yew really jus’ piss under the table?  Man, yew sick.”

“Yeah n’ if yew tell ur mothur, I’ll ring ur neck, yew heer me, Dale?”

“Dammit, ‘already told yew, don’t call me Dale no more, it’s Fo-Twenny!  Get it right, dawg!”

“Hell, why am I still in their kitchen?!”

Yes guys, that is a wall.  Stop being so stupid.

“Wut the hell were we doin’ again, Da-I mean Fo-Twenny?”

Meanwhile, in the garage:

“Dang, workin’ out’s gawt me all worn out…”

DAMN, R.P, you got skinny fast.

“Yeah, so?”

I find it interesting that he still pretty much has a block head.  Hard to shake off Dodge’s square jaw I guess?

“Oh hell, ur tv’s broken all to crap too”

Yes.  I’m aware of this.  FIX IT.

“Oh mah GAW!   Ur just so SEXY.  Like COBBLER.  Cobbler is AWESOME…”

Dammit Dammy, don’t distract the hired help!

“Is she really gonna stand there n’ keep me from doin’ my job?!”

Yeah, she tends to be a nuisance, sorry about that Authur.

“And now she’s blockin’ my way with her fat ass!”

“Hey!  That’s very rude!  I’m nawt fat, jus’ a lil meaty!  …Mmmm, meat…”


Run Authur, run while she’s distracted!

“Gud gawd, I stink, I need a bath…”

“Ah, Dixie, ur back!  I haven’t seen yew all day!

“Dixie, I wanna talk to yew ’bout wut happened the other day.  Luk, I’m sorry I acted the way I did wen yew broke curfew.  I overreacted.  I didn’t mean to snap, n’ I know it’s ‘cus ur just a growin’ teen, n’ ur gonna do things like this.  I just don’t want yew to stay mad at me.   Will yew forgive me, baby doll?”

“Dad, I forgive yew.  I forgave yew a long time ago.  ‘N I jus’ wanna say, I didn’t mean those mean things I said.  I know yew ain’t my real daddy.  But I really do love yew like yew are.  Can yew accept my ‘pology fur snappin’ at yew like I did?”

“Oh baby doll, course I do.  So glad we’re friends again!”

“Yeah… but dad?  I have somethin’ I wanna tell yew.  It’s kinda important, and kinda on topic bout wut we’re talkin’ bout.  Dad?  I was at the beach the other day, and I ran into someone while I was there…”

“I don’t think I’m likin’ where this is goin…”

“Dad, jus’ lemme finish…”

“Dad, I met my real fathur at the beach the other day.  ‘N I gotta talkin’ to ’em, n’ I really like him, dad.  ‘N I was thinkin’ that I know yall don’t like ’em all that much, but I want him in my life more often, ok?”


“Dad, don’t give me that sad luk.  I really think I had a lot in common wid’ mah real fathur… n’ we’re friends n’ everything now.  I’ve been talkin’ to him on the phone a lot lately, and I’m gonna spend more time with him… from now on.  I just want to have a connection wid’ my real dad…”


“Dad, don’t give me that luk!  Me and Sheldon’r friends.  ‘N I like stayin’ in touch wid ma’ real fathur.  I’ve invited him to my birthday party in a few days, n’ I jus’ don’t want yew gettin’ too upset over this, mmk?”

“Dad?  DAD!  Get back heer dad!  DON’T DO THIS TO ME DAD!”

Well… that went well, didn’t it?



I’ve never been good with story transitions

So guess what time it is!


Ok, first we have Dixie Secksie, Virginia’s only child with Sheldon.  She’s a good genius, and an eco-friendly person with a green thumb.  She might have a thing for Jay, you know, if he ever comes home long enough for the two of them to get further acquainted.

Then there’s Dale Secksie-

“Bitch, it’s FO-TWENNY.  GIT IT RIGHT”

Yeah yeah, he’s a clumsy, lucky, perceptive athlete who got less attention than he deserved.  Looks like Darrell, but with Virginia’s hair and eyes.

Then there’s the triplets, starting with Richard Petty, the excitable eccentric loser who’s also a workaholic and virtually had no attention at all because playing with three toddlers at once as long as I did pretty much got me in the mood to just not give a shit.

Then finally, there’s Danica and Tammy Jo, or Dammy, who probably got less screen time than R.P.  Danica is absent minded, excitable, friendly and frugal, while her sister T.J. is brave, friendly, unlucky and loves the outdoors.  If you do vote for Dammy, vote because you think they are pretty, not because they’d be holding a duel heirship.  Keep that in mind with the other candidates too.  We are entering the second half of the legacy, and getting closer to the final generation.  we need the best genes only, and trust me, I like something in each of the kids.

As usual, there is a poll at Boolprop, you got five days to vote, but I know some people have voted in the comments before so if you feel like you want to tell me your vote there, that’s fine.  The poll is just to keep up with the tallies for me.  But I can remember a few here too.

It’s all cool, dawg.

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I make sims legacies and update them once every other blood moon :)
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31 Responses to Talking to Dad

  1. Ahhhhh I actually really like both Dixie AND Dale! They both have awesome, unique characteristics to them- and they’re both pretty!

    I think…I think I’m going to go with Dale though…he’s a bit of a change of pace personality-wise and he makes me laugh XD No need to count this as a vote though, as I already voted in the poll on Boolprop =P

    Loving this legacy as always though and excited about who will triumph!!

  2. nuclearwaffles says:

    Bahahaha! Fo-Twenny. XD

    Poor Dixie. She just gets so much shit.

    And… voted!

  3. Del says:

    So I’m a moron and don’t know how to vote on that poll. Will ya count my vote for Dale please? xD

  4. Malin says:

    It was so hard to vote, but in the end I went with Dale – I mean FO-TWENNY .. Just… because xD

  5. skehrer says:

    OMG! Awesome update. I love Dammy and hope we get to see a lot more of them. But Fo’ Twenny is the shit fo’sho’!
    I feel bad for Dale having that fight with Dixie and now Dixie’s gone and invited her real father to her birthday. AWKWARD! It’s going to be like my parent’s house during the holidays.

  6. uggles says:

    That mullet / porn-stache combo dangerous. He’s starting to look like the obligatory creepy uncle every family has.

    It was a toss-up but my votes in! Can’t wait to see who wins 😀

    • missmiserie says:

      He is, he’s creepier than this on a daily basis, especially on his visits to Lonnie’s house. I think he’s inherited his mother’s… interest… in little kids <.<

  7. Dan says:

    I would totally love to vote for Danica, since y’know, we share names. But since we’re aiming for the best genes in the end here… I think that Dixie is the most attractive and that she’s got a very developed character, but after reading this chapter I find Fo-Twenny interesting. Hmm…

    I hate heir polls. D:

  8. Tree says:

    FO-TWENNY!! <33333333 I'm in love! It won't let me vote in the poll (probably because I'm not registered, whatever) soooooo… My vote is definitely going for Fo-Twenny. 🙂

  9. geritwag says:

    Danica. We need some fat genes in the mix. Bringin’ back the old days of this legacy… and the amount of dishes left on the floor.

  10. Ninja_Nicole says:

    Fo-Twenty. White trash is good in a legacy.

  11. Bia says:

    I’m voting for Dixie, I really like her ;)! (and, please, count this vote here, cause I’m not voting on Boolprop ^-^)

  12. My vote is for Dale please!

    Though I would have voted for Dammy sheerly for the hilarity that would ensue. Alas, they are not the most… er… attractive of this generation. Plus they would have trouble passing on their genes. Unlike Dale. So, good luck and can’t wait to find out the winner!

  13. Gargantua says:

    I have to say, I think Dixie is the most attractive one of this generation. And I really want to see how this soap opera with Sheldon turns out.

  14. inujade says:


    I’m voting here instead of boolProp, and I pick…Dammy. I WOULD say Dale, but he’s prolly going to win anyway, and I feel The Shining Sisters need some love.

  15. Natalie Brunnings says:

    They look like they have some…interesting genes, no? 😀

  16. scarlettsheet says:

    Dixie! Can you count this cause i don’t have boolprop?

  17. klaxonly says:

    Oh God. I just remembered that I picked out my duvet last year specifically because it looked like a Twister mat. It’s a double bed, as well. :’)

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