I Already Hate Them

Last time Virginia had triplets, and they grew up into a bunch of toddlers no thanks to the cakes.  So now in the Secksie house, there are four toddlers running around and trust me before I start, I was NOT enjoying it.  I do not know how good legacy players do it!  I have a newfound respect for them!

If I ever have triplets again, I want someone to run me over with a car.

Whoa, they can do that?  Perverts.

And of all sims, go away Deborah.

“Darr’ll babe?  How’d we ever git ourselves in this sit’iation?”

“I donno, Vurginyuh’.  I donno.”

First off, Virginia, when did you have the time to change into a bathing suit?!

“Wut?  I do everything in a bathin’ suit!”

Ugh, you sound like my mother now.

“I have locked myself in the trunk of the car, I can’t come help widda’ babies now”

Stop doing that Dixie.

“Ooh wow, dollies!  I wanna play too, R.P.!  Share wid’ me!”

“No.  Touch my dollies and I’ll shank yew widdem’.”

These toddlers are mean…

“So then they were like ‘Dixie help yo mama widda babies’ ‘n I said no cuz they ain’t my kids, and papa said something but I ain’t listenin’ cuz I had things to do!”

“So that’s why you keep coming over to my house after school, because you don’t want to help with your brothers and sisters?”

“Yep, sure did!”


“Oh gawd, there goes the drama queen again.”

Speak for yourself Danica/Tammy.

Poor Virginia.  I don’t blame her, if you can hear the babies screaming everywhere in the house, I’d sleep outside on the lawn chair too.

“Dammit, Nascar!  If ur gonna break and be fuckin’ useless, do it somewhere else, I’m tryina teach Tammy to talk!”

I really think he’s doing this on purpose now.

“Mama, shouldn’t yew be helpin’ me wid ur own kids?”

“Shut it Dixie, I’m stressed all to hell, I deserve this!”

“Hee hee mama!  Pull the dolls head off like this, like pop!  Is so much fun like this!”

I think they all have a hidden evil trait, I swear by it.

“Pull of their heads?!  Wut’s WRONG wid’ja?!  These dolls cost me money!  I ain’t pullin’ the head off my dolls, don’t touch my dolls!”

Now now, Virginia.  Share.  And put on pants for once.

“Ahh, my granndawghtur’s gonna be such a big produh’gy one day, she plays that thing so purdily…”

“Hey gramps.  Fuck off, will ya, tryina play Mury Hadda Lil Lamb ovur heer.”

I swear, they all look at everyone so mean.  I kinda like it.

“Oh dang, look at wut I just remembered was in my back pocket!  Thank yew Ambur!”

“Wut the hell yall lookin’ at?!  I deserved this dammit!”

“But I wanna pway widda music toy!  Why won’t yew share?!”

“Wut?  Yew mad, bro?”

“Ah yeah, this feels guuuud.”

Don’t stick that dirty thing in your ear, you’ll get an infection! Then Louis, Francis, Bill and Zoey will come and kill you

I really do keep forgetting which one is Danica and Tammy.  This one is Tammy?  Danica?  Dammy?  I’ll call them Dammy for now.

“Oh cat fight!”

“Oh NO, I just picked a fight with a Rotter!  I’m gonna wake up dead in the mornin’, I just KNOW it!”

“What the hell are you talking about, I don’t even know what a Rotter is.”

“Hey hey hey!  Wut the fuck’s goin’ on in my hawse, I ain’t gonna have my two best friends quarrlin’ in heer now!”

“Well tell that bitch to fuck off, she started it!”

“Dammit Julie, stop bein’ a bitch *kick*”

“Hello!  I’m new in town and I like art!”

“Fuck off newbie.”

“Well fine then bitch I didn’t want to come to your social club anyway.  I’m calling MY MAMA to come pick me up!”

“Yay woo!  It’s my burthday, yall!”

I’m with the ticket booth on this one Darrell.  Your adult birthday bores me to sleep over here.

“Oh my, your pet robot just peed on your carpet!  Aren’t you a lil’ concerned?!”

“Nah, my mother pees in heer two times a day, n’ the robot’s wut ur worried ’bout?”

“Oh gawd, BABE!  The Z’s r’ back in the hawse!

They never left, Darrell.

“Vurginia, I can’t sleep widda’ baby cryin’ as loud as she is!  I’mma light sleeper!  Yew gotta do somethin’ bout it!”

“Oh YEW can’t sleep Darr’ll?!  She WON’T sleep, and she’s exhausted!  N’ ur the one bitchin’ cuz yew can’t sleep!”

“But… I gotta work in the mawnin’!”

Of course, another reason no one can sleep in the house is this.

“Amg, dad and blue guy why yew no let me sleep”

Every damn time.

Meanwhile, out in the garden, a whole bunch of bills sprouted up, dispite the fact that they were paid.

What the hell, seriously.

And they are all about $700 a bill.  THIS IS BULL CRAP


I know, Dixie, but we are almost there I think.

“Dispite me being with yew sissy, I’m so lonely and miserable!”

“Hey Dammy, is the lil’ drama queen still bitchin’ bout something ovur heer?”

“I HEARD that, R.P.”

So far Dale’s the only one who’s learned all skills, so to help take some pressure off of raising the babies, Dale had his birthday a couple of days early.

It was at this party Poi Boi broke the radio.  AGAIN.


“Mama, I’m so sweepy…”

“I know baby, me too…”


“Really mama?”

“Hmm, ur that Dale baby, right?  I thought I killed yew.”

“Jee, thanks Uncle Nascar.”

Dale gained the trait perceptive.  Something the rest of the family doesn’t seem to be.

Dammit Nascar, stop trying to kill my toddlers!  Use both hands for Pete’s sake!

“Wut, I gotta pretty good grip on him!  I have robot hands, remember?!”

“Rib cage… bein’… crushed…”

“Ok yew lil’ monkey, hold on tight cuz I ain’t helpin’ yew.”

“I’m so scared…”

Oh and Dale’s a baby again?  BEHOLD, THE POWER OF CRASHES

“Daaaang, my sissy wus right, this DOES feel gud…”

You are both going to get infections, you know this right?

Dale, on his first day of school, is already picking up on Dixie’s habits and taking off to other kids houses.

And before you say “Awww, sumone’s already gotta wittle girlfwend”, let me clarify that that’s not even a girl.

Damn Mathew, I don’t think I have that hair converted either.

“Mama always said she wanted a daughter instead…”

Well your mother Heidi’s always been a bitch too.

“Welp, the kids are screamin’ again, I’m gonna shut down for the afternoon, night night guys.”

Yeah.  You ARE doing this on purpose.  Asshole.

“Dammit Dixie, stop them babies frum cryin’ already!”

“Shut it gramma, I’m hungry jus’ as much as they are, and ur distractin’ me!  I’m gonna go make a salad now.”


“I hate my babies…”

Don’t feel bad Virginia, I’m starting to feel the same way about them too…

“Oh man, I’m so hungry, I think I’m gonna have some of your shitty waffle’s in the kitchen Dixie.  Dixie?  Dixie?  Dixie.  Diiiixie?”

I hate you Goodwin.  I really do.  She had JUST fallen asleep, I hope you know.

“Yeah but… I really like this show!”

By the way, WHO fixed that tv?!  I didn’t tell anyone to fix it yet D:<

“I need attention again…”


“But but but!  No one has huggled and snuggled me in five minutes!  Attention now please!”

“I came to snuggle my dawghtur, but she moved!  I’m so confused…”

Don’t worry Darrell, the triplet’s are supposed to have a birthday party in the morning.  Well, supposed to anyway…

Windows: “FUCK your sims game *crash* let’s UPDATE FOR HOURS AT A TIME INSTEAD!  YAAAY!  Now THIS is fun!”


Maybe NEXT time there will be a birthday.  Maybe one day this generation will end already, I think this is going to end up being the longest generation so far!

Oh, and before we go:

SCREW.  YOU.  VIRGINIA.  And NOT by your husband either.  Now go to bed.


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I make sims legacies and update them once every other blood moon :)
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29 Responses to I Already Hate Them

  1. Emily says:

    There there, it’ll be alright. I promise.

    This is the reason why I refuse to have children born too close to each other, 5 babies/toddles damn near killed me last time. Damn near killed them too, what with only the two parents there to try and take care of them.

  2. Yeah…I think of myself as a fairly good sim player just because I’ve been playing forever and triplets made me want to bang my head against the desk.

    And then you know what happened? I stupidly tried for one more kid because I wanted them to have a son (in addition to the 3 daughters) and got THREE sons instead. Almost cried, lol.

    They are not fun. I like how kids can help out with the babies though- or at least they can hug them, play peekaboo, and give them bottles. It helps some. But yeah, my sims were ALWAYS tired. o_o

    Good luck! You’ve already come this far!

    Oh, and I’m glad you spell Darrell’s name wrong- that’s the RIGHT spelling to me, lol. Derrell? YEAH NO. ….=P

    • missmiserie says:

      Dale didn’t help with his siblings, he spent all his time away with his friends, and came home sleepy and bitchy.

      And yeah, I’m changing Darrell’s name in the game, Derrell is, no offense to the Derrell’s out there, but unnatural to spell on my keyboard.

  3. Lucy says:

    I have never seen a game with so many glitches ._.

    Hilarious, but I can feel your pain radiating from the updates xD

  4. spongeb0ber says:

    Why is the bus in the river?! XD

    • missmiserie says:

      Oh god, I didn’t notice that XD

      I looked into it and apparently the road in front of the Bayless’ old house flooded. Glitches are happening and I ain’t even paying attention!

  5. Skehrer says:

    Awesome update! I completely feel your frustration. Triplets suck, but your update about them was sooooooo funny!

  6. Simsnewbie23 says:

    Triplets used to be easy until they decided that you needed to hug/snuggle/play with like six times to get the bar up. Used to be you only had to snuggle them once.

  7. Bia says:

    LOL, this reminds me of this one time in my legacy when I quickly changed households after the heir and his spouse has twin babies. I changed households because I thought: “the first age thing is the most boring and simple part, I guess they can handle it alone” and went to play with the heir’s sister, because I was very fond of her. After 8 sim days, I went back to their house. OH MY GOD, I’M NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN. Seriously, BOTH babies (now toddlers) were ON THE FLOOR, crying, hungry, tired, dirty and the parents were also almost dead (oh, and the father managed to lose his friendship with his dad, whom he was best friends with, in 8 days ‘-‘).

    I never had triples, but, in my second bath of twins (many, many generations later), I got the hang of it. I always do it like this: snuggle them, change diapers, change clothes and then give them a bottle. Then send the parents to eat something. The kids will eventually have similar schedules and they will both be tired at night, since they woke up with their parents at 6 am >:D

    • missmiserie says:

      The last time I left the legacy house to go check on other sims and then come back to the Secksies, Amber got a job as a level 8 stylist. I’m sure if Amy’s ghost knew that, she’d crap a brick.

      But I’m not leaving the house while the babies are babies. Just because babies haven’t died recently doesn’t mean they won’t.

  8. inujade says:

    Love it, as always.

    I just love finding out that you’ve been spelling/pronouncing a sims name wrong for ages. I almost always decide ‘well, fuck it’ so I don’t blame you.

    Believe it or not, this chapter makes me want to give my sims ten thousand babies. Oh the delicious chaos! >:D

  9. scarletsimphony says:

    Hahaha this entire chapter had me rolling! I mean, I’m sorry that your suffering is the source of my entertainment, but this is just too hilarious. Suffer more! XD

  10. scarlettsheet says:

    I really love your prettacy, and it inspired me to do an uglacy at http://scarlettsheet.livejournal.com/
    Please comment!

  11. I hate it when money trees die. The bills they produce are brutal >.O
    Great chapter!

    • missmiserie says:

      I had no idea ;_; but I can’t pay attention to the trees and the babies at the same time, it doesn’t work like that in my game!

      Why does everything want my ATTEEEENNTTIOOON

  12. Tree says:

    If you build a moat around the graves, the ghosts can’t cross the water, and will stop bugging everyone while they try to sleep. Since your game will probably explode if you try to put in a no ghosts mod, you can at least stop them from going into the house if you want. 🙂

    • missmiserie says:

      Eh, I’m not too worried about the ghosts because usually they go off and do their own little things and stay out of the bedrooms while they’re sleeping. It’s Nascar they have to freak out a bit every ten minutes. I patched him and I think it worked, and I know there’s a mod that keeps sims from reacting to them. I like watching what the ghosts do, dispite there being those few that irritate the living piss out of me.

  13. Madcapp says:

    “Wut? Yew mad, bro?”

    Had me covering my face to hold in the giggles. So good. And those kids ARE creepy! I think I’m glad I’ve never had toddlers. I’m bad enough without any kids at the moment. Everyong in my house is miserable and I have no idea why.

    Err… why do robots have to pee? wtf mate?

    This is one hellacious chapter. I feel for you. I really do.
    Virginia had lost it obviously.

    • missmiserie says:

      I’d like to think robots “pee” like when cars leak water from their coolers or something. I guess that would be embarassing for a robot XD

      Thanks. That time with the triplets really was hell D;

  14. liezemies says:

    Your toddlers sure did look mean and scary…

  15. Kron says:

    “Discovered” you yesterday and I haven’t been able to stop reading. This is one of the best Legacies I’ve read in a while.

    I consider myself the pro of many many kids, but last time I had triplets unexpectedly. All was fine and dandy until the father decided to die…. 5 kids all under toddler age with one adult. *smacks head against wall*

    Props to you for keeping with this legacy and the crashes and the glitches. The glitches are what make me laugh. Keep them coming!

  16. Senny Paine says:

    HA. I was waiting for this chapter. I was like “Oh yea, triplet infancy is a breeze, but just wait for toddler-hood. This is gunna be great. Time to throw the moodlet manager around from Nascar to Virginia, to Darrel, to Daisy, and back again.”

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