Birthday Baby: Part Two

Last chapter, things happened, then they didn’t happen because of the crashes.  I basically played the same six days about four times (you would think I would save more frequently but hell)

Since the last crash, Dodge has taken over Goodwin and Leroy’s spot as the daytime ghost for whatever reason and we return to him egging his little granddaughter on for her birthday for the third time.

And there is a reason we are starting on her birthday again:

… Oh my goodness.

Well, uh, at least I found out that that CC hair works…

“Oh WOW!  I have a midget dawghtur!  I always wanted my own lil’ midget!  They are jus’ so cute!”

“I’m a lil’ concerned whether I should blow this horn or not…”

“Ugf, I haff’ brou’kun ma jaw”

After Dixie fixed herself and the party ended, I found out that someone turned it to the kids station on the radio, and it refused to turn to a new channel, change song, or even turn off.  I thought maybe breaking it and then fixing it would solve it, so I sent Nascar to tinker with it.

“I didn’t break the radio, but I’m so awesome that I managed to wire it throughout the house at four in the morning!”

Dammit Nascar.

“Gramma, that song that teaches me to brush mah teef n’ how to poop is playin’ through the ceilin’!  I can’t sleep now!”

“I know sweetie, I hear it too!”

“Wut the hell’s the rad’yo doin’ blastin’ through the ceilin’ at four in the mawnin?!  …Ugh, NASCAAAAR!!”

“Wut the HELL’re yew doin’ this early in the mawnin’!?  Fix the damn rad’yo or I’ll stick that screwdrivur’ all the way up ur-”

“Ok ok, I’ll try to fix it, I just need some time to get my skill up some so I can change it-”

“NO, yew change it right NOW!!”

“Is she lookin’ over here at me?!”

“Just focus on our dancin’ cuzzin’ Nick, ur gettin’ off beat-”

“Oh she’s checkin’ me out, I jus’ know it!  She’s thinkin’ bout me right now!!”

“Mm, I just love kissin’…”

“… Audio Creeper :D”

Audio would start a relationship with the town whore, wouldn’t he.


“First off, those baggy pants of urs aren’t really esentuatin’ dat ass of urs, Nick.  That… sexy, sexy ass.  Mmm.  Doesn’t he have jus’ a hot ass, Dixie?”

“Uh… seein’ as he’s my cuzzin’ I’m nawt really concerned ’bout his ass…”

That’s not what your grandparents said <_<

“Omg hideous suit”

“Ugh, watchin’ ur sexy ass put on that outfit took sooo much out of me, I think I’m done for the day!”

“Magazine rack :D”

“Wow, this room is completely grey, isn’t it?”

“Sure is, Ambur!  That’s why I love this room when all the textures are still nawt loaded yet!”

“And luk, now ur all grey now… oh…”

“Well damn, I thought I had a death flowur in this pocket!  It was here earlier!”

Don’t look at me, it wasn’t like I put it in Virginia’s inventory instead <_<

“Nooo!  My beloved Ambur!  Why’d yew have to die on me?!  My poor wife!”

“Really Dodge?  UR the one that died first, remembur?!”

“Calm down baby.  It’s gonna be alright, ok?”

“Sniff… ur s-sure, Ambur?”

“I’m sure.”

“Now that you two are done saying your “goodbyes”, can you please move out of my way, Dodge?”

“Wait!  First, I wanna go fur one last SWIM”

“No!  Ambur, it’s nawt gonna be ok, don’t leave!”

“Oh, my poor Ambur!  I’m so heartbroken!  Why’d ya have to take her away from me, Death?!”

“Take her away?!  Of all things, Dodge, I probably brought her CLOSER to you!”

Never seen a ghost get so heartbroken over the death of someone as Dodge did.  He really loved Amber, didn’t he…

RIP Amber.  Everything went to Nascar, whom Amber loved the most, surprisingly anyway.

Who couldn’t, he’s a fucking robot.  They’re awesome.

“UUUUGHH,  still working on the radio.  Radio is really PISSING ME OFF.  I’M SO TIRED OF THIS SHIT NOW”


“BEHOLD!  I am the KING OF DESTRUCTION!! *waves bloody murdered radio parts*”

… *pans out of the room slowly*

“Ah, nothin’ like a long day of finally quittin’ ur job as a fisherman again to come home and relax-”


“Wut the hell’s the mattur wid ya Dixie? I feel jus’ fine!”

“But I can FEEL it mama!  Ur goin’ into labor NOW”

“Oh shit I am!”

“I’m a psychic, mama!”

“Oh shut up and get the van”

Oh god, a basket.

“Are we goin’ PICNICING?! :D”

No, but this is the first time I’ve gotten triplets in the sims 3 before.  I haven’t even gotten twins before.  I’m so screwed.

“Come on Dixie, and stop talkin’ to that ole’ hooker’.  I’ve raised yew bettter than that!”

She says as she haphazardly runs carrying an undersized basket with three babies in it.


“Yew really think I can take care of three babies?  Yew stupid.”

Oh shut it, I let you and Darrell be childless for FAR too long.  I guess four babies helps make up for lost time?

“Can’t we just crash and let me be babyless for just a lil while longer?”

Twallan’s SP: “SURE!!”


Back from the crash, sigh:

When the first baby was born my thoughts on his name went like this:

“A boy, let’s see… Dale was a Nascar driver, soooo… um… so was Richard Petty!”

So meet Richard Petty.

Then a little girl was born.

“Twins?  Oh god, my OCD says another Nascar racer’s name maybe?  How about that Danica chick?”

So meet Danica.

Then finally the third one made me skim through google and wikipedia for a few minutes.

“Female nascar drivers, female nascar drivers, who the hell was Tammy Jo?!  Never heard of her.  But she and my mother share the same name so whatever.”

And there we have it, little Tammy Jo.

I felt like I neglected to build a nursery for too long so I stuffed one on the second floor and colored it based on the triplet’s favorite colors of brown, red, and blue.  They even have color-coordinated cribs which lasted all of FIVE MINUTES

“Someone help, I got my leg cawght’ in the motorcycle’s motor!  Someone!  Please?  Oh hey, a new room on the second flur’ of the hawse!”

Very observant of you, Dixie.

Really, Darrell?!  I thought I fixed your workout outfit!

“I gotta prepare for the upcoming battle that I sense approachin’…”

I wouldn’t call raising four babies at once a battle, but if you want…

Poor Dixie, she’s got to grow up well before her years to help with her siblings 😦

“Pfft, screw this, I’m a genius!  And thur’s a time ‘sheen in the backyard!  Give me two hours, I’ll figgur’ a way outta’ this!”

“Wanna see a magic trick little baby?!”

Nothing like traumatizing the babies early.

“NOOOO! It’s the monster, it’s coming to eat me!!”

“Oh come on!  Even the babies are calling me a monster now!?”

Well, you did just shove murdered radio parts down your throat, Nascar.

“Aww, little brothur, thanks fur wakin’ me up at two in the mawnin’ on a school night!”

*happy diabolical baby giggles*

“Aw, they don’t mean it, Dixie!  Yew jus’ gotta love them, like this!”

“Sigh… I wish my mother loved me like that wen I was Tammy’s age…”

I remember when Dixie was a baby… ah, the age of raising single babies…

“Mommy!  Why yew no pay attenshun’ to meeeee?!”

What the hell is wrong with you now Dale?  You are squeaky clean and you are having fun from the toys!

“But I don’t have the ATTENSHUN’ my siblings are gettin’!  Not fair, NOT FAIR!”

Oh, don’t you START turning into one of these whiny little babies, I stick you back in the bathroom!

Darrell, we do NOT have time to play games with your co workers, get back to the house and pick up a baby!

“But I never have time fur myself anymore, I wanna go out and have FUN!”


“Oh.  I.  Just.  Luv.  My.  Babies…”

Really now.  You look about as excited helping with your kids as I do in math class.

“Ok lil’ Dale.  It’s time for your nap now.”

“SCREW YEW, robot.  I wanna have fun.  I want attention, so I’m gonna play and have FUN!”

“No, you are not, you are cranky, and need a nap.”


“Pfft, screw you baby, I won.”


“I’m very uncomfortable with my brother’s leg shoved through my head.”

Well, you two are sharing one diaper, I guess that’s advantagable in the long run…

What the hell are you doing at someone’s house?  Don’t tell me this is the plan you came up with to get out of responsibility to take care of your siblings.

“Hey, I wanted to go to Deborah’s house in the first place, I’m enjoying my time to myself!”

“Helpin’ to teach Dale to walk… yaaay… *zones out and chunks Dale into the air*”

You are getting a little slack about the safety of your children, aren’t you Virginia?


“Oh hello Lawnie!  Long time no see!  The twins killin’ yew yew say?  How ’bout yew git ur ass over heer and help ur sister with her TRIPLETS huh?!  Yea, that’s right.  Wanna bitch bout twins now?”

This is actually a really good moment for them.  Look at all those happy babies, THEY ANGER ME SO

And poor Nascar, he will never be that happy ever again.


“Shut up, I’m tired, and I don’t give a damn if Julie’s parents think I’m inappropriate, I’m tired yall!”

“Yes, scream lil’ brothur, no one is around to hear ur last cries of life.  N’ wen ur gone, I’ll finally have all the attention again!”


“Mmk, I’m tired of tryina’ kill my brother, can I git a bitch in heer to feed me?!”

Who put Dale in R.P.’s crib again?!

“We survived to the triplets birthday, Darr’ll!”

“I know, I couldn’t be more happy!”

Neither could I.  Until I found out the cakes ARE BROKEN

“Oh well.  That’s just wut?  24 more hours widda babies?  We can do that, right?  Right?!”



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I make sims legacies and update them once every other blood moon :)
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41 Responses to Birthday Baby: Part Two

  1. skehrer says:

    Oh my… That birthday transition was amazing! I laughed so hard my daughter came over to see why. She didn’t get it. Pfft, four year-olds C.C
    And TRIPLETS, oh jeez, good luck! I can’t wait to see the crazy time you have potty training!
    Naked Darrell, naked Darrell, NAKED DARRELL!!! I loves it!
    I love that Nascar put the toddler in the bed with the baby. I’ve never had that happen, but I’ve never had a robot… And the toddler strangulation!!! O.o
    Great post!

  2. Tree says:

    I procrastinated for two days just to read EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER. Do I rule or what? Anyway, this is probably one of the most hilarious legacies I’ve ever read… (I live in Northern Vermont, where we have lots of lumberjacks and NORTHERN!rednecks, so I was able to relate to this. Too much, sometimes.)

    One time, I gave both the husband and wife that I was playing in my legacy (that I gave up on cause it was too crappy. ha I am a winner) fertility treatment… Then they had two sets of triplets. In a row. Word of advice; Don’t do that. Ever. You will be stuck with a married couple who have triplets for ETERNITY and then after they’re kids/not poopy pants, one of them will suddenly be like “LET’S HAVE 10 KIDS”

    And then you will want to die. 😡

    • missmiserie says:

      You do rule, I couldn’t read that much in two days!

      Oh god, TOO LATE, Virginia’s already got fertility treatment. Dale was supposed to be twins because I thought they would move the legacy along faster but when he was born, I just thought “one more child” will do. Then one turned into three…

  3. nuclearwaffles says:

    Weeeeelllll if you don’t like the babies, you could always have Nascar shove murdered radio pipes down their throats??

    Midget Dixie was amazing! Maybe it was the inbreeding.

    I miss Dodge… as a person, not a ghost… 😦

    • missmiserie says:

      Oh GOD the MENTAL image you just gave me D8

      So THAT’S where all the glitches come from! Lesson to be learned here, never imbreed your sims…

      I miss Dodge too… he’s a pretty good ghost though, he’s glitched, but at least he’s out of my way for the most part.

  4. Dan says:

    Aw, Dodge’s ghost was upset about Amber dying! That was my favourite part, until the triplets came along and you named one Danica. That’s my name, too!

    Wow, I kinda forgot about Dale xD But 4 kids at the toddler stage! I wonder how Dixie feels, being a teenager and all… I think its plain to see that Dale doesn’t approve of his new little brother. Weird glitch, by the way! I’d hope to see it in my game for the sake of amusement, but that probably wouldn’t be a good thing in the long run D:

    • missmiserie says:

      I had no idea Danica was a name until I walked in on my grandpa watching racing or something and he pointed her out and went “tha’s uh woman right thur” XD

      The glitch didn’t hurt anything, but I freaked because I was worried that the parents/Dixie/Nascar wouldn’t be able to reach the babies because of them being in the same crib at the same time. Thankfully that wasn’t the case though 😀

      • Dan says:

        My dad actually called me over from the other side of the house while I was making dinner to come see her do a lap or something, and he was super proud to tell me that her name is Danica, too. And no, its not a terribly common name, but its mine, and I like it.

        That’s good! If no one could get them and resetsim didn’t work, I honestly don’t know what I do. -___-

      • missmiserie says:

        I think it’s a really nice name too 😀

        I would cry, that’s what I would do if that happened.

  5. Simsnewbie23 says:

    You make your glitches seem so funny! =D

  6. SRaina says:

    I nearly died laughing. This was full of fun. I hate triplets. My first and only set so far (crosses fingers) was horrible they were always needing the same need at the same time. My sims had three other children when they had the triplets a teenager and 2 children. Then when the triplets became toddlers both parents wanted another child, which was not going to happen with the full house.

    • missmiserie says:

      Yeah, the house is full now, and Darrell keeps wanting more babies. He can’t even go to work on his own, much less care for his own children, MUCH LESS need another one >:I

  7. LadyA says:

    The only time I ever had triplets was in the FIRST generation of a legacy, when there were already two toddlers in the house. I’d wanted a girl for a matriarchy, and my founder was nearly an elder, so I gave her fertility treatment. Oh, I got girls alright. THREE of them. *sigh* Their father died the day they became children, and their mother while they were teenagers–they were mostly raised by their older brothers, as their mother, the founder, was a juice-guzzling flirt who spent all her free time at bars.

  8. madlyeely says:

    I’m feelin’ the love for Sheldon for producing a purdy baby like Dixie at the moment, sorry Darrell. But Tammy-Jo has nice eyes.

    • missmiserie says:

      I preferred Darrell over Sheldon, but Sheldon’s genes seem to be winning. The babies aren’t impressing me yet (maybe because they are just babies right now? IDK.)

      • madlyeely says:

        The blonde genes seem to be winning out. I sense the spirit of Dolly Parton watches over this legacy. Despite not being dead. And Canadian.

        I can’t help but wish Amy’s blue roots would make a surprise reappearance. Seriously, those things HAUNT Twinbrook.

      • missmiserie says:

        Blonde and black, that’s all I see anymore. I’ll be happy with a brunette at this point! I’d be happy to see even blue hair make a comeback at this point too XD

  9. Bia says:

    HHAHAHAHAHHA, OMG, OMG *breaths breaths*. Ok, I’m good now. THAT. WAS. AWESOME. Darrel’s face “OH. HOW. I. LOVE. MY. CHILDREN.” had me laughing good xD (which is bad, since my parents are already sleeping ‘-‘).

    Just to warn you: pregnant + kids music and /or kids TV channel = triplets or twins :). Works everytime. Sadly, your radio broke at the worst (or best?) time xD.

    Also, wow, you have been updating super fast lately ‘-‘!

    • missmiserie says:

      Yeah, the radio screwed me over big time, played kids music pretty much throughout the whole pregnancy.

      I know, I have, I’m sorry D: I recently got a new job, but instead of taking up my free time it seemed to have added more free time for me? I can’t explain it… PLUS my school year is almost over, I’ll probably have even more spare time on my hands, so there might be an explosion of chapters soon D:

      • Bia says:

        LOL, no need to be sorry, I’m loving it! Seriously, keep doing it, I love this legacy and your way of writing!

  10. Gargantua says:

    Bravo for another excellent chapter. I even shared midget Dixie with my friend – he doesn’t even play the sims and was laughing out loud. I also have never had the glitch where two babes were put into the same crib. Delightful!

    I hear you about forgetting to save, though. I finally had to get a mod that pops up a reminder message every half hour. Haven’t had to repeat more than 30 minutes of a game yet.

    Poor Dodge. I think he might have forgotten that he is also dead. Silly goose.

    Are you planning to offer the Secksies for download at some point? I’d love to toss a few of them into my hood and see what they do to the genetics. 🙂

    • missmiserie says:

      Well, it’s either don’t save a whole lot, or don’t save too frequently either. In my game, if I save more than three or four a game play, I’ll get error code 13 or 12 or whatever. I can’t win for losing. And then when I try to resolve the errors, it crashes anyway.

      I do have the Secksies over at the exchange, including spares and stuff at this point, but I might go ahead and get something like mediafire too and learn how to upload sims there, just in case.

      • Gargantua says:

        Thanks for the link! I’ll be sure to download them this weekend. As to uploading just the .sim file, I haven’t figured out how to do that either. If you figure it out, would you mind sharing the info? I’d love to have that info in my sims playbook as well.

      • missmiserie says:

        I will. Same here if you figure it out first.

      • Skehrer says:

        To upload the sim file simply select the file from the saved sims folder. Files are named whatever the sim is named (first and last names). Hope this helped.

      • Gargantua says:

        Are sims born in the game automatically saved in the Saved Sims folder then? Or do you have to recreate them in CAS?

      • Skehrer says:

        No. For Sims born in game you will need to go into the stylist screen or take them to a mirror. If you have Twallan’s Master Controller you can do this with any Sim, not just active Sims. Once you’re in that screen on the lower part of it there is a circle shaped button on the Sim’s icon with … on it. Click it and select save to bin. This will put the Sim in your Premade Sims selection as well as saving it to the Saved Sims Folder.

      • missmiserie says:

        I got a bunch of sims in my sims bin then. I’ll have to look in the folder now as well.

  11. kayluhh says:

    OMG LOL @ the birthday glitch. I laughed so hard. Must’ve been the CC hair, right?!

    • missmiserie says:

      I don’t think so because the first couple times she grew up, she grew up in that hair, but she grew up normally. My theory is that I was getting impatient because I’ve seen the birthday a few times already, hit three speed, then hit normal speed, three speed, normal speed, and then she was just a midget, all of a sudden out of the blue ._.

  12. Lizi64 says:

    I was wondering how you take shots of the family tree and messages, because they aren’t there when you just take normal screenshots.

    Great chapter by the way, and good luck on training the toddlers.

    • missmiserie says:

      I printscreen them. On the laptop it’s two buttons, one that says Fn in the corner, and one at the top called PrtSc. Then I paste it in MS Paint and crop it. Simple as that 😀

  13. I loved Nascar’s epic war with the radio! That bloody pipe is going to give the Secksies nightmares for weeks… Good luck with the triplets! And congrats that the town kids have stopped dying, how many are left anyways?

  14. sonotoveryet says:

    I think I’m broken now. I’m laughing too hard. Glitchy babies be glitchy.
    I’m from Texas, and my brother loves Nascar, so I was showing him this and he kept going “I want to meet this bitch so bad right now,” I kept thinking, “Dude, you’re freaking twenty-nine and have a fiancee. WTF?”
    But seriously, my neighbors on one side are red-neck to the extreme and the others are hippies to the extreme. We NEVER have a quiet night. Besides, one of the Turnenbachs (the hippie family next door) daughters keeps hitting on one of my brothers, which is creepy, cus he’s ten and she’s fifteen. Sometimes, I just wanna die, living here.

    • missmiserie says:

      HAHA, I’ve never heard anyone say that before!

      I can relate, but I no longer live near the rowdy redneck side of my family. College was a nice break from them XD

  15. Senny Paine says:

    Soooo, before I did my Harks I did my Superbias, a legacy based off sins (which I plan on doing over again because, why the hell not, I love Luci [founder]). Point is. Luci, the founder, marries some guy and then they get pregs and I’m like “this is gunna be so much fun!!” And… TRIPLETS. Another awesome thing is Luci was the second sim I had ever made in Sims 3. I saved her to my bin and I just used her for everything, so when I did my legacy I picked her, naturally. ._. and she got freaking Triplets! >=C Those kids… those freaking kids.

    (Don’t you love how I’m basically your late-in-life reader who comments on crap? I’m sure it’s not creepy or annoying in any way.)

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