The Grim Reaper is a Prick

Soon after the death of Pilot’s only child before Jamie became old and useless and deleted, another little baby was born into Twinbrook, and I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Then two days later, THIS shit happens:

Those people don’t need to be parenting, damn!  Fortunately, the game crashed when I went to edit town mode to find out what the fuck was going on with the town’s supply of infants.  But, during a CC test run I noticed that Dwayne died again despite being there when I turned the game on.

Suddenly, I was filled with the desire to save this child’s life whether the game fucking wanted to or not, and thought growing the kid up might help.

“Why am I here all of a sudden?!”

For your baby’s birthday, so it can grow up without dying a horrible firey death, you fuck up excuse for a parent 🙂

“But… the robot’s really creeping me out!”

Get used to it, he’s at all parties.

“What the fuck is THAT?!”

Just pick up your toddler and leave already, my good deed is done.

And with that, Dwayne has been alive in my game ever since.

Unlike Ira here.

“Why is my death important?”

Because you are Darrell’s father, and Dodge just happened to be at the fire department when you croaked, for reasons I don’t remember.

“B-but… he hasn’t even gotten the chance to pay me yet!”

“I don’t want to know…”

“This ‘cosplay idea’ of his wus expensive!  Now ur sayin’ I done gone done all of this for NOTHIN’?!”

“That reminds me Grim ole’ boy… yew still owe me a few $k urself…”

“Oh gawd, don’t remind me, I know, I know!!  I swear I’ll have it to yew befur the first, I swear!”

“Humph, wutever…”

… Let’s just go back to the Secksie house.

“What the fuck’s wrong with you Goodwin?!  Grab the health pack, it’s right behind you, you moron!”

“Shut up Sinbad, I’m doing just fine without it, I’m an expert at this level!”

“Expert my ass, you’re almost dead!  Stop screwing around and heal yourself!”

This is the closest I have ever seen them get along on my game.

“Screw this, I don’t have to sit around and watch you get murdered like this.  I’m too good for your shit, Goodwin.”

“Oh come on, Sinbad get back here!  Dammit, I’m dying, ok Sinbad, you can help me!  Come on!”

Goodwin, upset over his loss, took it out on me and became the next ghost to haunt my house 24/7.  Sigh.

Soon, spring finally came to Twinbrook, and by that I mean I finally got around to adding landscape to the Secksie house, which is still pretty bad since the game crashed, again, when I first added landscape and I cut corners the second time.

Of course, with the feelings of spring come allergies, and, of course, love.  Even the crippling old people feel the romance in the air.

“Oh baby…”

Please don’t make the O face over the microwave, Nascar.  People eat out of that.

“Virginia?  Wut’re yew doin’ heer?  I gotta work in a few minutes!”

“I know Darr’ll, it’s just… we hardly spend any time with each other nowadays, yew know…”

“I was just wondrin’ if yew’d like to spend this lovely day wid me, ur wife, instead!  Wut’yew think baby?”

“Know wut?  I’d like that very much!”

“I know!  Wanna come n’ let me give yew a lil… private tour of where I work?”

“Oh Darr’ll, I thought yew’d never ask…”

And for the first time since their twister sex, which technically never happened thanks to the crash,  Darrell and Virginia got it on.  Yes, this their first official romp with each other.  I think that’s really sad.

“So yeah dude, in Cinema 3, I totally porked my wife.  Just now.  Yeah.”

“DUDE.  I did NOT want to know that!  And not in Cinema 3!  That’s where I touch myself to the Megan Fox movie!  What’s WRONG with you?!”

“Damn, and I thought I wus the childish one.  I’m never lettin’ Darr’ll ‘give me the tour’ heer again.”

Well, at least someone got lucky that day.

“Oh come on, Ambur!  We haven’t bumped uglies in almost six months!  Come on baby, I know yew gotta be gettin’ frisky too!”

“Dammit Dodge, I’ve told yew once, I’ve told yew four times today, I’m tired! I’ve been tired all day!  N’ yew remembur wut happened six months ago the last time we did that?!  The doctur told yew yew snapped ur pelvis in half!  Do yew REALLY think it’s a good idea to be doin’ that?!”

“… yew guys do know I sleep in this room too, right?!”

“Dang, that guy is hot as hell!  Ain’t he, GG?!”

“Eh, if ur into that I guess, Red.”

“And I heard he’s rich too, if I had that, I could quit my day job AND my night job… oh well…”

“Hey baby, gotta wife back home ‘r somethin’?  Lookin’ for a good time, baby?”

“Haha, yeah I am!”

“Yew take coupons, right?!”

“Excuse me?!”

“Yeah, I have these coupons here, yew know like this one for *censoredcensored* with my junk and another one for you *censored* and *censored* with whipped cream!”

“No I don’t take coupons, you moron!  They don’t even look like GOOD coupons!  Yew just scribbled some words on notebook paper with a sharpie!  Do I LOOK like that kind of hooker?!  Go try to fool Candy with these cheap ass things, not me!”

“But… ur the pretty one!  Come on, I don’t have all that much money, can’t you just take one coupon this time?!”


“Yew brought your mother to buy hookers?!  What’s wrong with ya?!”

“Oh gawd, now mama’s gonna spank me in front of these girls!  I just can’t catch a break!  Waaah!”

“Oh gawd, Red.  He’s crying like a baby now.  How embarassin’.”

“I know, but I just find that so damn hot!  I’d still tap his sexy, whiney baby ass, anyday!”

“Damn gurl, I bet you would, now I’m hot n’ bothered too.”

I guess it was about this time that Chevy was so horrified by her son’s behavior that she promptly died that night, and Nick went off to impregnate Lonnie’s girlfriend.  What is wrong with this town these days…

“I, on the othur hand, ain’t so hot n’ bothured, the sparkuls of death r’ glowin’ round my crotch!  That means got erectile disfuncshun’ don’t I?!”


“Dodge Secksie!  Prepare to meet thy maker.  And don’t leave that miner out here like that.  That’s rude.”

And so was the death of Dodge Secksie.  To his family he leaves a fuck ton of books, inventions, and gems, the glitched statue Leroy picked up ages ago, and still a pink diamond short of a second simbot.  I just wanted to see a female one in a game for once, dammit!

“Why Dodge!  Why did’ja have to die on me?!  You are so mean, Grim!  You killed the only person in the world that loved me!  Waaah!”

“Oh… I’m… I’m so sorry!  I had no idea that man was your father!  I’m SO so sorry!

“I killed someone’s father!  I’m a murderer!  How can I go on LIVING with myself?!”

Shut up, Grim.  You kill babies all the time, so this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

And of course, after Dodge dies, this happens.

“Fuck, we don’t have anyone in the family that can fix this anymore, don’t we?!”

Just great.

“Oh grammpa!  Why did yew hav’ta leave us?!  Now I’ll never get to see ur smilin’ face again or walk in on yew and gramma gettin’ it on anymore… oh wait.”

“Sniff!  Ghost dude!  My husband just died and left me all alone!”

“There there, Amber.  It will be ok, I promise.”

“I just don’t know wut to do anymore!”

Way to give a shit about your husband’s passing, Amber.

“So I wus thinkin’ bout grammpa’s death, ‘n I really think he got mauled to death by the retirement yeti while out in the graveyard!”

“*cough* The RETIREMENT YETI?! *coughchoke*”

“Hey, now that grammpa’s dead n’ all, can I miss school tomarrow?  School makes me stupid in the head.”

“No, yew cannot skip school!  I signed yew up to go to futball practice afturwurds, so yew might as well go to class too!”


Hardly two days after his death, Dodge came back, in just his swim wear, to bid his wife a final goodbye.

He curled up next to his wife, and while she drempt about him leaving her and breaking his heart by getting mauled by the retirement yeti, he was sleeping next to her for the last time.

But in other news, look at who’s vomi-oh, you aren’t vomiting, Virginia.

“I can’t with that Gudwin ghost guy hawntin’ our toilet.  I suddenly lost the will to puke.”

Also, I added a new family pet to the house (JUST ONE, I will never take care of 13 for as long as I can help it) since I myself recently got a black moor to help cope with the loss of my dog, and by loss I mean she’s living at my mother’s because I can’t have her where I’m moving.

I also named my new fish after one of the sims because I’m uncreative <_<

“You named me Sinbad?!  What the fuck is wrong with you?!”

HEY, it was going to be Lt. Dan the Second, now be a fish and stop talking.

“How the hell can I be a silent fish if that makes me extreamly uncomfortable with being here?!”

How is that even possible?

“Ugk, this tastes like shrapnel”


I can’t begin to express my concern with the recent murder of all the children in my town.  Half of them I didn’t even know where there, so that really angers me.

I panicked and figured if one of my own sims were watching the children, then they couldn’t die, right?  Flawless logic, right?

“You are being very inappropriate, Virginia!  If you keep this up, I’m going to have to ask you to leave!”



See?  Safe.

The town’s children survived that night, and the next morning, Virginia realized that she herself would soon have one of these little bundle of joys in her life again.

“My baby belly will luk great hangin’ over my red leathur pants!”

Spoken like a true Secksie.  Now get your pregnant ass over to your brother’s house and watch over the twins that were just born there!

“Aw,  I’m jus’ so moved to finally be a fathur!  And twins too!  I’m gonna be the greatest dad this town has evur seen!”

Sorry to burst your bubble there, Lonnie, but those aren’t your kids.  Your cousin Nick messed around with your girlfriend, so their his, not yours.  Sorry dude.

“…Oh.  Well then *promptly drops baby*”

Really, Lonnie?  Because that’s real mature.

“Lawnie!  Guess wut!  I’m pregnant again!”

“Oh well ain’t yew just high n’ mighty then, bitch.  Wut, yew come all the way ovur heer to brag ’bout this ‘cuz yew know I’M nevur gonna have kids?!  Can’t yew SEE I’m pissed off heer?!”

“Well… jus’ figgured yew’d get excited ’bout bein’ an uncle again…”

“Sigh… I am sis, I’m proud of yew.  Glad to see Sheldon finally gawt ’round to seein’ yew again…”

“Um, this one’s Darr’ll’s…”


And that’s it for this chapter.  Baby next time?  Maybe.  When the town is done sacrificing the rest to some horrible cult swamp god I guess.

But why do my babies keep dying?!  How can I stop it?!  I’ve had a couple of people tell me that its the game killing off sims because it’s over crowded, but that doesn’t make sense, even my Sunset test legacy has three times the amount of sims with no problems!

I’m willing to try anything at this point, even Twallan’s SP again.  Any ideas guys?  It’s kinda wanting to target Gargantua’s kid now.

“Wut?  I’ve been up heer all day nice and quiet and stayin’ out of trouble”

Dammit Leroy, you just can’t stay down, can you?!

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I make sims legacies and update them once every other blood moon :)
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22 Responses to The Grim Reaper is a Prick

  1. skehrer says:

    Twallan’s mod is worth a shot if you can get it to work this time. Good luck with it.

    I hope you’re able to keep some babies in your town!!!

  2. Hannah says:

    I said something about this on an earlier entry but I can’t remember which one…
    Mine was something to do with bad CC, definitely not overcrowding. But if you’re on the active household while these children are born, or you grow them up yourself, they should be fine. Which basically meant for me checking in edit town every day to see if anybody was pregnant.

    • missmiserie says:

      I test all and every CC thing I bring into my game, but I hadn’t added any new CC in at least two weeks I don’t think. I do check the entire town with edit town, I’m so paranoid now.

      • Hannah says:

        Yeah, I’d say your problem probably isn’t cc, since you haven’t got a lot. And it’s slightly different from mine. As hilarious as your glitches sometimes are, unless you’ve got a new laptop, I’d say it’s just the latest in an unfortunate series.

        When I had bad cc, all my babies came out invisible/horribly disfigured. O_O
        And it wasn’t just the babies, it was random children just disappearing. Talk about pedobear glitches.

      • missmiserie says:

        It’s got to be my computer, it’s the only thing I can think of that would screw me up like this D:

  3. Inujade says:

    Oh man, baby death 0_o do you know it wasn’t until I read this Legacy that I even knew this was possible?

    If it makes you feel any better, I named my machete Sinbad as well. XD

    • missmiserie says:

      according to other people, it’s not supposed to! They think I didn’t on purpose and when I say it was the game doing it, they’re all like “wuuuut”

      When I named my fish Sinbad though, my roommate thought that it would be a racist name. … I don’t get it ._o

  4. Gargantua says:

    Ack! Not my baby! If you can’t get Twallan’s SP to work, try his Master Controller. That should allow you to click on a infant and age them up without having to send a Secksie to watch over them. I only use the basic stuff of that mod so I don’t know if it will allow you to zero in on the babies or if you will have to hunt for them yourself.

    I also know there is some program out there called CUSTARD. I haven’t used it, but it comes highly recommended. Essentially you can run each piece of CC through it and it will tell you which ones are corrupted. There is some information about it here:

    I think the next time there is a protest in your hood it should be a SAVE THE BABIES one. Or, even better, SAVE GARG’S BABY! Good luck!

    • missmiserie says:

      Master Controller didn’t make my game act up like SP. Then again, it also didn’t work at all. Didn’t do anything in my game or anything v_v so then I tried SP. Guess what. It worked, well, for a little bit. Then started acting up again. Of course for that little time SP worked, the babies were safe.

      Don’t worry, your baby is safe. And doesn’t want to grow up on his own. Little twirp.

  5. Kayla Kuris says:

    CUSTARD is only for Sims3Packs
    Also get the story progression
    And keep up the good work!

  6. Hah, I loved all the “dead” jokes between Sinbad and Goodwin. How many ghosts do you have on that lot anyways?

  7. Rad says:

    My game kills all the illegitimate offspring of my WYDC dad for some reason. I guess once a save file gets a bit screwy, it stays that way.

  8. Bia says:

    Maybe you could move them to another town? Perhaps it’s the town that is glitched like that ‘-‘!

  9. Emily says:

    Oh gosh, this whole legacy is hysterical. Apart from the dead babies, that’s just worrying :(. I wish I had some useful advice, but I am stumped.

    Also, is it just me, or is Nick Secksie just an older version of Butters from South Park? The southern accent, blonde hair, blue shirt and this line:
    “Oh gawd, now mama’s gonna spank me in front of these girls! I just can’t catch a break! Waaah!”

    It’s uncanny!

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