Hookers for your Birthday

Four updates four days in a row?!  UNHEARD OF!! LAHGRIEFJDFKLGFDNOAJSGFDKL

There’s nothing like a little spamming my reader’s message boxes with more chapters to get in the holiday spirit.

But that’s ok, because you forgive me, and we move on to the legacy in question.

Last time, Harley and Chevy were born, and I really wasn’t in the mood to extend the nursery.  Luckily, the same morning that Harley was born, Dodge had his little birthday.

With every birthday, I get closer to my goal of completing my legacy.


Hmm, he kinda looks funny.  Like the fact that he still knows he’s wearing a diaper probably.

Dodge rolled Daredevil.  Because that’s what I need.  A kid that eats dirt and will probably get mercury poisoning before it’s all over with.

He got moved into Berkliegh’s old room, which was redesigned (the kid liked grey.  For someone who is an adrenaline junkie, sucks he’s got to like such a boring ass color).  It’s kinda weird because it looks a lot like my uncle’s room at his house, just without the collection of liquor bottles and mountain of clothes on the floor (which is only a matter of time, I’m sure.)

“That’s right dear brother.  Enjoy ur dreams of death.  Cuz it shall be the last peaceful sleep yew’ll ever have.  Soon, your dreams will be ur worst nightmare.”

God, that baby creeps me out.

“Nice hooker skirt, cousin Spra’ng.”

“That’s not very nice, Dodge.  Just ’cause Adriane is a hooker doesn’t mean we all are.”

“Hey dad.  What’cha up to?”

“Workin’ so we don’t starve, boy.  Wanna help your old man?”


“See, the trick is to keep ur cork away from ur daddy’s, ok?”

“But where’s the fun in that if we are tryina’ catch the same fish?”

“If yew get your’s tangled with mine, then we don’t catch anythin’ and yew starve tonight.”

Nothing like quality father-son time, no siree.

“Another chest?  What’s in this one this time… oh wow!  It’s all glowy!  Sweet!”

“Hey Sabrina!  Check it out!  I actually caught sum treasure this time!  Hey!  Sabrina!”

“Not right now, Jed.  I’m having problems of my own at the moment.”

Ants?!  And I’m just sitting there!  And they’re taking all of my tomatoes!!

“What the hell?!  Why is this fishy guy doing mooching off my picnic basket?!”

“Because I got ants mooching off of mine.  Stop complaining.”

“Dad, why does this hotdog taste fishy?”

“Cuz, it’s my new fish hotdog!  You like it?”

“That’s gross.”

“Hey, anyone got any bug repellant over there?  Guys?  Guys?!”

“Dodge left ten minutes befur’ I did.  I hope he got home ok…”

“Ching ching!  Ching ching!  Hee hee!”

Two seconds later, Jed ran over Dodge.  And in any other game, he would have killed him.  And probably robbed him of all his money.  Luckily, this isn’t that kind of game.

Well, isn’t that what I need back at the house.

“I thought they got rid of your mean ass, Lucy.”

“I could say the same to you, bitch.”

Now now, play nice.

“Well, hello there.  I am ur mother.”

“Yew are nawt, Aunt Mel.”

“But I do say, ur the spicking image of me, ain’t cha?!”

“Congradulations brother on getting married and tapping that hot old Lisette ass.”

“Uh, jeez.  Thanks?”

“OH!  My wife got me HOOKERS fur my birthday!!  OH OH!  And one of them is already inside of me!!  EEEEEEEE!!!”

“Um, we aren’t hookers for the last time, and we are your COUSINS, cousin Jed.”

Yeah, it’s time for more birthday.  THE JOY OF IT ALL *throws confetti*

“”Hey mom, is this what we are supposed to do at a birthday?”

“I didn’t invite you to come with me, Jeramy.”

“But mom…”

“And as for you Dominick, just fall off the porch already!”

Dispite his inital disappointment that he didn’t get hookers for his birthday, I did give Jed a cake.  Even though he’s only getting to his adult stage.

And it’s not only just one birthday, it’s a triple birthday!  TRIPLE THE FUN

And here’s little Harley!  Adorable right?

*walks away*

Next up is Melissa.  All excited to grow up into the same, boring adult life stage, right?




Yeah, I thought she had a few good years in her as well when I moved her in.  Even I forgot she was getting old when I threw the birthday at the time.

“Sparkles?  Does this mean I’m growin’ up too?”


“Aw man, why does ever’one come to my yard to die?”

To make it better, Luanne, she was your boss.  So much for building up that relationship with her.


“YES!  ‘Nother one has fallen victim to the Birthday Party Poisoner!  Muahahaha!”

“What the hell yew talkin’ about over there, Aunt Mel?!”

“Nice to do business with you Melissa.  Heh heh heh.”

“Yeah, whatever yew old skeleton.  Now begone, I have nothin’ else to do with yew tonight.”

“Ok, I’m surious, what’s goin’ on heer?”

Best you don’t know, Amber.

“OH EM GEE!  It’s Jared of the Road Killers!  Hey!  Hey!  Hey, Mr. Jared!  I’m your biggest fan!”

“Sigh, I can’t even go and take a dump by myself without all these people botherin’ me.”

“Ew.  Ur choice in music annoys Shark.”

“Like any of ur opinions matter, Shark.  Now get out of my way befur I kick yew in the face.”

Of course, then Shark went to go nap with Luanne.

I found that oddly sweet, even coming from Shark.

Then the sun came up, and when Luanne awoke, Shark was gone in his little blue mist.

“This house really sucks.  I wish we lived in a bigger house, and I don’t know why mama didn’t spring for a mansion.  I mean, she knows how to get free real estate!  I don’t like her a lot.  Sometimes, she makes me sleep on the porch, and it gets cold outside in the swamp.  I don’t know why I can’t live with dad instead of her.”

Hey.  I’m not THAT bad of a mom ._.

This is actually the first day of work Melissa has done since moving into the Seckie house.  What would this be, a ten year maternity leave?

I’m surprised they didn’t have her 8 month pregnant ass out there shooting at criminals during all three of her pregnancies!  THAT, right there ladies and gentlemen, is the American way!

Dodge rolled a want to get a skill in handiness.  So inventing it is!

I’ve been wanting an inventor since Leroy died, damn it!  I will get one!

And Dodge has the eccentric trait, I think I have more hope for him than I did with Leroy and Buck.



Ok then, maybe not.

“Holy crap I’m on fire!  THIS IS AWESUM!  ADRENALINE RUSH!”

Then again…



Oh wow, time flies doesn’t it?  Wasn’t Dodge just a toddler at the beginning of this chapter?


Can you tell how excited his parents are in the background?  I totally feel their joy for another birthday.



And I will end here on a cliffhanger, because I am that tool.  Merry Christmas anyways!

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10 Responses to Hookers for your Birthday

  1. Sallie says:

    I love this legacy!! Especially Jed and his fishing shows
    I cant wait for Chevy to grow up!

  2. DavidSimster says:

    Love the ‘birthday poisener’ part. I hate when people die on your lot and always haunts it.

  3. Trisha says:

    Holy crap, I’m finally caught up.

    I miss Sinbad.


  4. rockit4 says:

    haha, just read all the way thru… yhu make me LOL so frikin hard! my fave quotes:

    1) ‘Ants?! And I’m just sitting there! And they’re taking all of my tomatoes!!’

    2) “Dodge left ten minutes befur’ I did. I hope he got home ok…”

    “Ching ching! Ching ching! Hee hee!”

    Two seconds later, Jed ran over Dodge. And in any other game, he would have killed him. And probably robbed him of all his money. Luckily, this isn’t that kind of game.’


    3) ‘I’m surprised they didn’t have her 8 month pregnant ass out there shooting at criminals during all three of her pregnancies! THAT, right there ladies and gentlemen, is the American way!’

  5. Alexa says:

    Wow! I love all of it! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a story before. This is the best legacy ever. (:

  6. Alexa says:

    Wow! I love all of this. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a story before. Great legacy. (:

  7. Rad says:

    I finally got round to reading this and I love it. You make me laugh so much. I love your terrible townies. Twinbrook is way more fun than Bridgeport in terms of townies.

  8. magicmsmisto says:

    Where did Spring’s hairstyle come from, like an EP or something? I’m just absolutely in LOVE with it, and I have to know where you got it, because I don’t have it in my game. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Berkleigh’s makeover, she is SO pretty! And lol, your simself is always highly entertaining when she enters the picture(s…literally XD) no matter how long she’s there for, even if it’s really short. n_n AND I NEED TO KNOW WHAT EP TWINBROOK COMES WITH CUZ I DON’T HAVE IT AND I WANT SINBAD AND MELISSA!!!!

    • missmiserie says:

      I Spring’s hair comes from Ambitions. Thanks for liking Berkleigh’s makeover 😀

      Twinbrook comes in Ambitions too along with Sinbad. Melissa was just randomly generated in the town though.

  9. Senny Paine says:

    Dodge is perfect for inventor; daredevils can’t die in fires. >=( Learned that the hard way when I tried to kill one with fire.

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