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Hookers for your Birthday

Four updates four days in a row?!  UNHEARD OF!! LAHGRIEFJDFKLGFDNOAJSGFDKL There’s nothing like a little spamming my reader’s message boxes with more chapters to get in the holiday spirit. But that’s ok, because you forgive me, and we move on … Continue reading

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End of an Evil Emperor

“WHY DO I HAVE A CHILD?!?” Being suddenly sick sucks.  But it does give me a lot of time to do nothing, and so I’ll give you another chapter three (more or less) days in a row. Remember me having … Continue reading

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Quality Parenting in Twinbrook

New day, new chapter! Last time, we discovered that not only is Melissa pregnant again, but also my simself is pregnant in the front of the waffle house, and I, personally, am not too thrilled.  Yeah, I knew the risks … Continue reading

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Not Just Some Legacy Babies

Anyone enjoying the Christmas holiday yet?!  I know I am!  There’s nothing like returning back home to the swamp to find all your connections to the outside world cut off, eventually including your own car, and then ending up going … Continue reading

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Maniac Marriage

“Sabrina, what the hell are you doing?” “I’m reading my palm, what does it look like I’m doing!?  It says… six more months of winter.  Huh.” “Living here sucks.  I am NOT entertained at all.” “Shut up, you aren’t the … Continue reading

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A Fish That Can’t Swim, Dies

For every chapter I upload is one less time a crash has failed to destroy my legacy. Guess how many times the Sims has crashed on my computer since last chapter.  Just guess. SEVEN FUCKING TIMES.  And TWO freezes.  I … Continue reading

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Death Party

LOL hi! Ok, last chapter was a filler, and I found out why.  It all started when I was playing (holy shit) and I finally noticed that Berkleigh had been four days away from her birthday for SEVEN days now. … Continue reading

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