The Beginning of Something… Beautiful

Disclaimer:  If you don’t like swearing, cover your eyes and move on.  Shit, fuck, piss.  Still alive?  Then let’s continue.

It’s time for a Prettacy!  For those of you who don’t know, it’s a sim legacy where you try to get the prettiest sim in ten generations from the ugliest bastard you can think of.  If you don’t know what a legacy is, go read Pinstar’s rules, something I didn’t really do.  In this prettacy, I focus on some of the scariest, strangest people on the face of the planet:


I was raised in South Carolina, so I think I know a good bit about real rednecks.  Sad really.

I still live in the south too.  You know, the type of south where people worship Free Bird and allegedly screw horses and Argentinian women.

Not true plz.

And where better to start this Prettacy than in Twinbrook.

I can almost smell the cornbread and moonshine.  Looks just like my backyard.

Before you ask, NO, my sim isn’t the founder of the prettacy.  I may be hideous, but my simself doesn’t live in Twinbrook.

I live over in Sunset Valley, in my super tacky purple mansion.  *sob*

When I first looked around the town of Twinbrook, I knew that this was just asking for a challenge.  Could I really make a pretty sim out of the genetics of this town?!



Kids, this is what happens when you smoke Malburo for 30 years.  Don’t do it.

ANYWAY, let’s move on to find out what my lovely founder will be in this tale of the south:


No.  Meet, Leroy Secksie, the wonder that is my founder in this Prettacy.  His traits are:  Loves the Outdoors (what hick doesn’t live on his porch), Dramatic (Because the government took our jobs), Flirty (who has NOT seen Jerry Springer, please leave this legacy and turn on your television or something), Charismatic (just because), and Inappropriate (google redneck.  I didn’t warn you).


Haha, he lost all his nose cartilage in a four-wheeler related incident.  His eyes are green, I think , and his favorite movie is Joe Dirt.  His lifetime wish is to have 10 girlfriends.  WHY I picked that one I don’t know.  It won’t ever happen.  Maybe it was the challenge of it or the fact that I have friends who know people like that but it seemed more fitting than Journalist.

So that’s that for this chapter.  I got class in the morning because I refuse to live in a trailer like this guy is going to end up doing.  So until the next chapter, bla bla bla.

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24 Responses to The Beginning of Something… Beautiful

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  2. OMG OMG Cant Stop Laughing! ROFLMAO. Okay I am so reading this AWESOME Uglacy.

  3. nessva says:

    They took our jobs!!!

    Just found this and I’m SO excited to read on 🙂

  4. millirenee says:

    Hey at least your roots aren’t white trash! lol

  5. OMGROFLMAO! Once again, I am hysterically laughing! XD
    Funniest thing I’ve read in a loooooooooong time!

  6. Grace says:

    South Carolina! Me too!
    So, I’m pretty stoked about this.

  7. maddykins says:

    I am going to love this legacy. I can tell already. LoL I know rednecks… and hillbillies, and just general country folk as well. I grew up in Southern Ohio as a country girl, and my fiance is from Kentucky. Both are full of all three.
    I love the name you gave him. I laughed, and your description of why you chose the traits. Yes. I’m going to like this legacy. 😀

  8. :O the first picture doesnt work! and this is freaking HILARIOUS!! hhahhahaha!

  9. retroberrii says:

    Trust me honey you find these people no matter where you live sadly. I jokingly called my hoochie cousin trailer trash once and she got all huffy and offended and was like, “We are PROJECT trash! That’s a step up from trailer trash!” Hilarious start anyway.

  10. insanekittym says:

    Lovin’ it 🙂

  11. Theroux Legacy says:

    Haha, loving it already. That has to be the ugliest sim I’ve ever seen!
    That was meant as a compliment, of course 😉

  12. misims says:

    “You know, the type of south where people worship Free Bird and allegedly screw horses and Argentinian women.” Hmm, I thought that was screw sheep and Filipino women… oh I see. Youz one of those hi-class rednecks from South Car-o-lin-a. I’m just po white trash from Miz-sippi. 😉

    Well, this is gonna be so much fun! Great job on the traits and the face, and Joe Dirt FTW!

  13. Hupplepuff says:

    I love legacy’s like yours that crack me up like this :p

  14. selahgio says:

    Re-reading for the entertainment! @_@ x3 I miss this.. I’m so sad it’s over ;-;

  15. Elizabeth says:

    I consider myself a bit of a redneck too since I live Georgia. 😛

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  17. memi35 says:

    LOL I recently started my own Prettacy in Twinbrook. They really are ugly. Although the real challenge: Finding a YA spouse. Seriously. SO MANY ADULTS! I ended up settling for a very creepy looking adult because I couldn’t find a YA after going to every community lot in the town.

    • missmiserie says:

      Yeah, they are pretty hard to find and it’s really easy to just “settle” for one of the adults. I want to say there were some good looking service type NPCs in that town, but I wouldn’t take my word for it.

  18. verumpacem says:

    I just started to read this legacy. It’s pretty awesome! I even started my family legacy because of you 🙂

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