A Sims 3 Legacy: The Southern Prettacy

Hello World!!

*Deletes that entry*

I don’t know how to start this, because I don’t write blogs.  But I’m starting a legacy on the sims 3 while my computer with my sims 2 legacy is up my brother’s ass for the time being.  So yes, I’m one of the many sims legacies clogging up wordpress!

Heh heh heh.

So um… *kicks wordpress*  I read skimmed through Pinstar’s rules didn’t really care and had to go to class and I think I got the jist of it, so I might not cheat a lot.

It’s the Southern Prettacy, a legacy determined to find a beauty at the end of a long line of redneck fuglies.

Disclaimer.  If you are a redneck and you get offended by my legacy, well, first off, congrats on getting  internet out in the boondocks where you live.  I don’t care, it’s just for fun.

Um, yeah.  Enjoy my legacy.

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19 Responses to A Sims 3 Legacy: The Southern Prettacy

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  2. lilykit says:

    That internet thing is not a joke. My family just got it a few weeks ago.

  3. luckymuppet says:

    What’s a redneck? Is that a term used to describe Southern Americans?

  4. jaec09 says:

    lmbo…..i seen the pic nd started bustin out laughing

  5. LMAO! I was snorting with laughter and my mother had to come and check on me to see if I was alright! xD You’ve officially made my day! 😀 *subscibes*

  6. StyxLady says:

    Officially starting to read your legacy! Been referred by a few people, so here I am, and I like it already! XD

    • missmiserie says:

      Thanks! I was in the middle of reading your DITFT, but something happened and I haven’t gotten back to it yet D; I’m sorry! I’ll have to get back on that soon. But I’m glad you are liking mine 😀

      • StyxLady says:

        I know how that is! I actually started reading THIS weeks ago, and the same thing happened to me…lol. I noticed you read Heart of Insanity, though. 😉

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  8. insanekittym says:

    I’m considered a redneck and proud of it, so ya ain’t gonna offend me. You had me reading, at redneck, LOL.

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  11. ricctp6 says:

    I am about to read this whole entire thing today. And be incredibly jealous of a) your camo background and b) the fact that you have enough plumb (pun intended) to start a legacy. I’ve started a million, and seriously have never finished one. I usually blame the computer, but who am I kidding….I’m fucking lazy.

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  13. misims says:

    Thank ya! We are purdy ex-cited to have tha internets out here in tha stixs! And hay, howdja getta picture of Uncle Roy’s front yard?

    Haha, I’ve unfortunately caught up on neonrochelle’s Olympus legacy, so I’m coming over here to stalk you. Yay, fun times ahead! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. One thing you can always say about us rednecks: we never quit coming up with new ways to show off the stoo-pid.

    😀 **Onward!!!**

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